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Eco-Friendly Products - Chargers, Cables and More

Embracing the concept of eco-friendly charging is a crucial step towards sustainable living and environmental preservation. Incorporating eco products into our daily technology use is a powerful commitment to both environmental conservation and advanced tech design.
Anker, an advocator for environmental preservation, integrates eco-friendly alternatives into its product line and packaging practices, offering advanced tech accessories such as chargers and cables made from bio-based materials, and reducing plastic and petroleum usage significantly, thus, not only demonstrating our commitment to sustainable living, but also our continuous dedication to minimizing carbon footprint and championing eco-conscious innovation in technology.



More About Anker Eco-Friendly Products

Welcome to the distinctive array of eco-friendly products from Anker, showcasing not just advanced tech accessories such as chargers and cables, but a leap towards environmental responsibility. We've ventured into eco-friendly substitutes to traditional plastics, focusing on bio-based materials. An exemplar of this initiative is the Anker 541 Cable, crafted from plant-based materials like corn and sugar cane, considerably reducing petroleum usage by 30-40%.

Emphasizing sustainable product designs, we strive to drastically minimize plastic use. Consider Anker 511 charger, redesigned to be 70% smaller than a typical 30W charger, saving 30.9g of plastic per device. The Multi-Port Chargers with GaNPrime™ technology represent the embodiment of "less is more", featuring multiple ports in a single device, reducing the need for individual chargers.

Our commitment extends to packaging and printing practices too. In 2022, we reduced plastic packaging usage by 33%, swapped plastic hooks with paper, and transitioned to soy-based ink for packaging printing. And here at Anker, we remain consistently dedicated to curbing our carbon footprint and championing sustainability.

FAQ about Eco-Friendly Products

What is bio-based material?

Bio-based materials are substances derived from renewable biological resources such as plants, animals, or microorganisms. Bio-based materials are often favored for their reduced environmental impact compared to conventional materials, as they typically require fewer fossil fuel resources for production and can be biodegradable or compostable, offering potential benefits for waste management and environmental sustainability. Examples of bio-based materials include bioplastics made from corn, sugarcane, or cellulose derived from agricultural feedstocks.

Can you reduce the carbon footprint by using charging gadgets made of bio-based materials?

Using charging gadgets made from bio-based materials can significantly contribute to reducing your carbon footprint. When you choose gadgets made from bio-based materials, you can minimize toxic emissions caused by the manufacture and disposal of traditional electronic accessories. Moreover, many bio-based materials require less energy during production, which inherently means fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

How to properly dispose of or recycle eco-friendly products?

Proper disposal or recycling of eco-friendly products depends on the specific materials they are made of. Separating materials, following recycling guidelines, and researching specialized recycling facilities may be necessary for items with multiple components or unique materials. For biodegradable or compostable items, composting may be a more suitable disposal method.

Is the performance of eco-friendly charging products as reliable as traditional ones?

Of course. Even though eco-friendly charging products utilize more sustainable sources such as plant-based and recycled materials, this does not compromise their performance or reliability. The eco-friendly products from Anker are designed and produced with the same commitment to quality and efficient functionality as the traditional ones. In essence, they deliver the same high-speed charging, durability, and advanced safety features, but with a significantly minimized environmental impact. So, you can be sure that when you switch to our eco-friendly options, you get the same reliable performance you've come to expect from Anker, while also making a choice that's better for the planet.

Is it safe to use the eco-friendly chargers?

When it comes to eco-friendly chargers, safety is a paramount concern. Not only designed to have the same efficiency and functionality as traditional chargers, the safety measures of Anker eco-friendly charging products are just as rigorous if not more. Testing for factors such as overcharging, overheating, and short-circuiting is a crucial part of the product development process. Additionally, the safety of Anker products has already been certified by industry-leading organizations, which means users can trust the reliability and safety of these devices.

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