Anker provides quality foldable solar panels for outdoor adventures, enabling you to experience the freedom of harnessing solar energy on the go with our compact and portable panels. Maximize efficiency, sustainability, and convenience as you power up your devices in the great outdoors. So get ready to embrace a new era of portable power solutions with Anker.



FAQ about Foldable Solar Panel

What is a portable panel?

A portable solar panel is a compact and lightweight device that captures sunlight and converts it into usable electrical energy. They're designed to be easily transported and set up in various locations, and convenient for outdoor activities, camping, RV trips, and emergencies.


Portable panels typically come with built-in features like foldable designs, integrated stands, and carrying handles for easy storage and transportation. These folding solar panels provide a convenient and eco-friendly solution for charging devices, powering small appliances, and maintaining battery levels on the go.

Is 100w solar panel enough for camping?

Yes, a 100W solar panel like our Anker Solar Panel 625 can be sufficient for camping, depending on your power needs. It can provide enough energy to charge small devices like smartphones, tablets, and LED lights. However, if you plan to power larger appliances such as camping refrigerators or power multiple devices simultaneously, you may require a higher-wattage solar panel or additional panels to meet your energy demands.


It's important to assess your power requirements and consider factors like weather conditions and sunlight availability to determine the appropriate solar panel size for your camping needs.

Can a 100w solar panel charge a laptop?

Yes! A 100w solar panel typically produces an average of 300-600 watt-hours per day depending on the peak sun hours you receive. Most laptops consume between 30W to 60W of power during operation and charging, so a 100W folding solar panel can generate enough energy to charge a laptop directly or charge a portable power bank, which can then be used to charge the laptop.


However, it's still important to consider factors like sunlight availability and the efficiency of the solar panel and choose quality solar panels to ensure a reliable and consistent charging experience for your laptop.

Can you run solar panel without batteries?

Yes, you can run solar panels without batteries. When solar panels generate electricity, they can be directly used to power devices. For example, Anker solar panel 625 features USB-C and USB-A ports which can be used to charge compatible smartphones or laptops directly.


Besides, you can also feed the generated electricity back into the grid if you are connected to a grid-tied system. In this setup, the solar panels produce electricity during the day, and any excess power is exported to the grid. During the night or when the demand exceeds the solar panel output, electricity is sourced from the grid. However, solar batteries or solar generators do provide the advantage of storing excess energy for use during non-sunny periods.

What size solar panels do I need to run AC?

To determine the size of solar panels needed to run an air conditioner, several factors come into play, including the power consumption of the AC unit, the climate, and the available sunlight. Air conditioners typically require a significant amount of power, ranging from 1,000 to 5,000 watts or more. So you may need at least six high-efficiency 200W solar panels like the Anker 531 Solar Panel.


A general guideline to run an AC unit with solar power is to install a solar panel system like a solar generator including several high-wattage solar panels and high-capacity portable power stations to generate enough electricity to cover the AC unit's power consumption. It is recommended to consult with a solar professional who can assess your specific requirements and design a solar panel system tailored to your needs.

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