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iPhone 13 Pro Max Wireless Charger

iPhone 13 Pro Max Wireless Chargers offer convenient, cable-free charging solutions, enhancing portability and ease of use. With fast-charging technology, they ensure quick power-ups, keeping users connected and productive throughout the day.



More About iPhone 13 Pro Max Wireless Charger

Anker's wireless chargers for the iPhone 13 Pro Max offer a plethora of outstanding features that make them a must-have accessory for any user. Firstly, our iPhone 13 Pro Max chargers are Qi2 certified, ensuring safe and ultra-fast 15W charging, providing peace of mind for users concerned about the safety of their devices during charging.

Additionally, our wireless chargers feature strong built-in magnets, enabling effortless snap-to-charge functionality, and ensuring your charging process is hassle-free and precise, especially for those using magnetic cases on their iPhones. Moreover, some Anker wireless chargers for the iPhone 13 series offer you the freedom to power your devices with a 5 ft extended cable, providing a wider range for charging convenience.

Meanwhile, our iPhone wireless chargers are equipped with Anker's innovative Wireless PowerIQ™️ technology and ActiveShield 2.0 safety system performing over 3 million temperature checks daily, enabling you to safely charge your iPhones magnetically at twice the speed compared to conventional wireless chargers.

Overall, Anker magnetic wireless chargers provide reliability, safety, and convenience for users of iPhones, AirPods, and more. So check and order Anker iPhone 13 Pro Max wireless chargers now for an upgraded charging experience!

FAQ about iPhone 13 Pro Max Wireless Charger

Does the iPhone 13 Pro Max do wireless charging?

Yes, the iPhone 13 Pro Max supports wireless charging. It is compatible with MagSafe and Qi-certified wireless chargers like the Anker MagGo Wireless Charging Station (Foldable 3-in-1), allowing you to conveniently charge your device without the need for cables.

How do I turn on wireless charging on my iPhone 13 Pro Max?

To initiate wireless charging on your iPhone 13 Pro Max, simply place it on a MagSafe or Qi-compatible wireless charging pad or stand such as the Anker MagGo Wireless Charger (Pad). Generally, it's no need to manually enable wireless charging on the device. Your iPhone starts charging automatically as long as the charger is connected to a power source and your iPhone is properly positioned on it.

How long does it take to charge my iPhone 13 Pro Max wirelessly?

This depends on several factors, including the capacity of your wireless charger and the battery level of the device. Generally, wireless charging can take slightly longer compared to wired charging methods, but it typically takes around 1-2 hours to fully charge your iPhone 13 Pro Max with Anker wireless chargers supporting up to 15W fast charging.

Is it fast to charge the iPhone 13 Pro Max wirelessly?

Yes, charging an iPhone 13 Pro Max wirelessly is relatively fast, especially with compatible fast-charging wireless chargers like the Anker MagGo Wireless Charging Station (Foldable 3-in-1) or Anker MagGo Wireless Charger (Pad). With up to 15W charging speed, you can achieve efficient charging comparable to traditional some wired charging methods, providing convenience and quick power replenishment for your device.

What wattage of a wireless charger is best for the iPhone 13 Pro Max?

For optimal charging speed, it's recommended to use a wireless charger with at least 7.5 watts or higher for the iPhone 13 Pro Max. Since the iPhone 13 Pro Max supports wireless charging up to 15 watts, a charger with a wattage of 15 watts or higher ensures efficient and fast charging performance for your device.

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