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Magnetic Power Bank for Samsung

A Magnetic Power Bank for Samsung is excellent for its seamless and secure attachment, ensuring convenient wireless charging without cables. It delivers high charging speed and reduces clutter, allowing you to power up your Samsung phones in a cable-free and hassle-free manner during trips or when a traditional power outlet is not available.



More about Magnetic Power Bank for Samsung

Anker's magnetic wireless power banks for Samsung are a game-changer in portable charging. With a substantial 10,000mAh capacity and Qi certification, they bring convenience and versatility to your charging needs. But what sets them apart is the dual high-speed charging options—our magnetic power banks let you choose between up to 18W wired charging via USB-C and USB-A ports and up to 10W high-speed wireless charging, allowing you to customize your charging needs.

Moreover, our magnetic charges excel in design too: The built-in stand, a thoughtful addition, allows you to prop up your phone while enjoying videos or video calls hands-free. Lastly, our power banks boast wide compatibility, working seamlessly with the Samsung S20, S10, S9 and S8 series.

In short, Anker's magnetic power banks are a must-have for Samsung users, combining high-speed charging and a compact and thoughtful design. Buy Anker’s magnetic power banks and discover our charging excellence today! Besides, if you happen to be an Apple fan, you won’t be disappointed by our top-notch USB C hubs for Apple.

FAQ about Magnetic Power Bank for Samsung

Are magnetic power banks compatible with all Samsung phones?

No, magnetic power banks are not compatible with all Samsung phones. Only Samsung phones that support wireless charging are compatible with the magnetic charging function of magnetic power banks. These Samsung phones include Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23+, Galaxy S23 Ultra, Galaxy Note20 5G, Galaxy Z Fold 4 and so on.

Do I need a special case for my Samsung phone to use a magnetic power bank?

No, you do not need a special case for your Samsung phone to use a magnetic power bank if your phone supports wireless charging. However, if you prefer a phone case, it's better to take a Qi-compatible wireless charging case to allow a secure connection and avoid metal or too thick ones to ensure proper charging and functionality.

How do I attach a magnetic power bank to my Samsung phone?

To attach a magnetic power bank to your Samsung phone, align the magnets on both devices and gently press them together for a secure connection. If your phone lacks built-in magnets, use a compatible magnetic case or accessory to ensure a secure attachment.

Can I use my Samsung phone while it's attached to a magnetic power bank?

Yes. Magnetic power banks are designed for convenience and allow for simultaneous usage and charging. However, do note that doing so can slow down the charging process, especially if your Samsung phone is performing power-intensive tasks like gaming. Using a fast-charging magnetic power bank like the Anker 533 Wireless Power Bank (PowerCore 10K) can compensate for this decrease in speed effectively.

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