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MagSafe Car Charger

A MagSafe car charger ensures a secure and efficient wireless charging experience while driving. It is mounted inside cars and holds your phones tightly using strong magnets, allowing for hands-free navigation and simultaneous replenishment as you drive.



More About MagSafe Car Charger

Anker boasts the strongest and most secure MagSafe car mount wireless chargers to hold your phone and charge it simultaneously. In the first place, our MagSafe car chargers are a breeze to install. With simple steps, effortlessly position them, secure your phones in place, and you're ready to hit the road. Moreover, our MagSafe car chargers feature ultra strong and secure connection, aligning gripping, and charging your iPhone 13/12 and more impeccably even throughout bumpy drives.

Meanwhile, you can rotate your phone with adjustable charging pads until you can view its screen most comfortably, reducing any potential eye strain. As it charges your phone, the LED ambient light will glow, ensuring you can spot the charging position instantly even in the dark. Furthermore, our MagSafe car mounts feature all-around safety protections, allowing every customer to rest assured that their phones are protected in every way.

In short, Anker’s MagSafe car chargers dual-function as both stands and chargers, making them the ideal gadgets in drivers’ kits. Shop Anker MagSafe wireless car chargers and revolutionize your driving experience today!

FAQ about MagSafe Car Charger

Can MagSafe charger be used in a car?

Of course. Lots of MagSafe chargers are designed to be used in cars. For example, the Anker 613 Magnetic Wireless Charger (MagGo) is for in-car use. You can mount it on your car vent and then snap your phone on its charging panel, and it will hold your phone securely in place while delivering a steady charge.

How does MagSafe work in the car?

MagSafe in a car utilizes magnetic technology for secure wireless charging. The MagSafe car mount charger contains magnets that align perfectly with MagSafe-enabled smartphones, such as iPhone 12 and later models. When placed near a MagSafe car mount, the magnets in them ensure a strong connection, holding the phone securely in place and charging it during drives.

Is MagSafe good for car?

Yes, MagSafe is a convenient and effective solution for car charging. MagSafe technology employs magnets to ensure a secure attachment between the MagSafe car charger and compatible phones, enhancing stability during drives and preventing phones from dislodging.

Does the MagSafe case work with any car mount?

No. MagSafe cases are specifically designed to work with MagSafe-compatible accessories, including the Anker MagSafe car chargers or car mounts. For optimal functionality, it is recommended to use a MagSafe car mount that supports the magnetic alignment system, ensuring a secure and stable attachment for your iPhone with a MagSafe case while driving.

Are magnetic car mounts safe for iPhones?

Yes. Magnetic car mounts are generally safe for iPhones, especially for MagSafe car mounts that are designed to be compatible exclusively with iPhone models. For example, high-quality iPhone MagSafe car chargers like the Anker 613 Magnetic Wireless Charger (MagGo) feature strong grips and all-round safety protections to safeguard your iPhone against both accidental drops and safety hazards related to wireless charging.

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