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MagSafe Phone Grip

A MagSafe phone grip holds your smartphone securely in place, preventing accidental drops and damages. Courtesy of strong magnets, these phone grips enable you to view the screen at any angle while ensuring your phone stays firm and secure either in your hand or on the wall.



More about MagSafe Phone Grip

With unmatched expertise in smartphone accessories, Anker has crafted the best collection of MagSafe phone grips to go with your phones. Our MagSafe phone grips have a peculiarly strong holding power of up to 800g, giving you total assurance that your iPhone 12/13/14 series stays secure after snapping into place.

Moreover, featuring either a magnetic flexible strap or a flippable and rotatable and metallic MagSafe grip ring, you are free to attach your phone to whatever metal service or adjust the screen in whatever direction, until you find the sweetest viewing angle that produces the least amount of fatigue. For example, by attaching your phone to your refrigerator door with our phone grip MagSafe, you can do the dishes while keeping tabs on incoming messages hands-free.

Lastly, our MagSafe phone grips boast wide compatibility, working flawlessly with a diverse range of phones coupled with magnetic cases. In summary, Anker’s MagSafe phone grips expand the usability of your phone to a much broader range of scenarios, making multitasking no longer a challenge to get over. Grab Anker MagSafe ring holders and enjoy your shows anywhere!

FAQ about MagSafe Phone Grip

Do I need a MagSafe phone grip?

This depends on your preferences and needs, but more often than not, a MagSafe phone grip brings multiple benefits:

Secure Grip: It provides a secure and comfortable hold on your phone, reducing the risk of accidental drops.

Comfortable Viewing Angle: MagSafe phone grips offer an adjustable viewing angle, allowing you to watch videos or read news with the least fatiguing posture.

Versatility: It adapts your phone to a broader range of scenarios, making it easy to use as you perform various activities.

How do MagSafe grips work?

Anker MagSafe phone grips utilize a system of magnets embedded in both the phone and the grip. These magnets create a strong, precise connection, aligning the grip securely with the phone's MagSafe components. These grips are designed to be easily attachable and detachable, offering convenience and flexibility while preventing accidental falling.

Can I use MagSafe grips on any phone case?

No. MagSafe grips are designed specifically for MagSafe-compatible iPhone cases. The Anker 620 MagGo Grip, for example, is better to be used with the iPhone 12/13/14 series. While they may physically attach to other cases, their functionality may be compromised. To ensure proper alignment and optimal performance, it is recommended to use MagSafe grips exclusively with cases explicitly designed to support MagSafe technology.

Do MagSafe grips work on Androids?

Not necessarily. MagSafe grips are specifically designed for MagSafe-compatible phones, typically iPhones. While they can adhere to some non-MagSafe cases, the magnetic connection may not be as secure. It is therefore advised to use MagSafe grips for iPhone devices exclusively.

Is MagSafe strong enough to hold the phone?

Yes, MagSafe ring grips are designed with a strong magnetic array to securely hold the iPhone in place. For example, the Anker 610 Magnetic Phone Grip (MagGo) can hold a weight equivalent to 4 iPhone 12 models. With the right alignment with a MagSafe-compatible case, you can get optimized stability during typical usage scenarios, such as charging and using the phone.

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