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Apple power banks are portable charging solutions designed specifically for Apple devices like iPhones, iPads and so on. These power banks offer large capacity and fast charging capabilities, providing convenient on-the-go power for Apple users.



More About Power Banks for Apple

As a renowned charging solution provider, Anker is now presenting customers with an array of top-rated Apple power banks as ultimate charging solutions. Our Apple power banks feature ultra-powerful two-way charging that can deliver 140W max supercharge, significantly reducing the charging time required of your devices.

As for recharging, they recharge 7 times faster than a regular portable charger, taking only 52 minutes to reach 100%. With a gigantic battery capacity of up to 24000mAh, these iPad and iPhone power banks can juice up your iPhone 13 nearly 5 times and your 2021 iPad Pro approximately 1.3 times.

Moreover, with a smart digital display, you can read how much power is left at a single glance, and recharge them in time. Lastly, with the advanced ActiveShield 2.0 technology, all Anker power banks guarantee ultimate safety and peace of mind by monitoring temperature 3 million times per day, eliminating any safety concerns.

In short, with impressive charging capacity and unparalleled safety features, Anker’s Apple power banks elevate your iPhone and iPad experience to new dimensions. Come browse Anker’s latest release of battery packs for iPhone from 10000 mAh power banks to 24000 mAh ones and transform your digital life now!

Power Banks for Apple FAQs

Is it safe to use any power bank for iPhone?

It is generally ok to use any power bank to charge your iPhone, as long as the power bank's output matches or is within the iPhone's charging requirements (usually 5V and 1A or 2.1A), and that the power bank is in good condition. However, it is best to use a power bank from reputable brands such as Anker to ensure charging performance and safety.

Is it safe to charge iPhone with power bank overnight?

It is generally safe to charge an iPhone overnight if you use a quality power bank like Anker 737 Power Bank with built-in safety features such as overcharge protection, etc. Also, make sure the charging cable is in good condition, and avoid charging in extreme temperatures to further ensure safety.

How long does Apple MagSafe power bank last?

This depends on the capacity of the Apple MagSafe battery and the device being charged. For example, if you have a 5000mAh MagSafe power bank and use it to charge a 3227mAh iPhone 13, it is expected to last 5000/3227=1.55 times.

Is MagSafe powerbank worth it?

Yes. MagSafe power banks are worth it for the following reasons:

Portability. Most MagSafe power banks are compactly built and easy to carry around, powering up your iPhone anywhere.

Capacity. MagSafe power banks have a high enough capacity to give your iPhone at least a full charge.

Safety. MagSafe power banks from reputable brands like Anker have always prioritized safety during charging by implementing a range of safety features like temperature control, overload protection and so on.

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