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Samsung S24 Charger

Samsung S24 chargers offer fast and reliable charging for compatible devices, ensuring efficient power-ups. With a compact design, they are portable and convenient for use at home, in the office, or while traveling, keeping you connected wherever you are.

More About Samsung S24 Charger

Anker has a plethora of high-quality chargers for Samsung S24 popular for exceptional performance and versatility. With a combination of USB-C and USB-A ports, our chargers enable you to power up to three devices simultaneously, including your phone, tablet, and notebook. Whether utilizing both USB-C ports or a combination of USB-C and USB-A, you can enjoy fast and efficient charging with a maximum output of 65W.

Despite such powerful capabilities, our Samsung S24 chargers maintain a compact design that is 51% smaller than the original 67W MacBook charger, making it highly portable for travel and everyday use. Furthermore, safety is always the top priority with Anker's Samsung S24 chargers, as they come equipped with the ActiveShield™ 2.0 safety system which ensures total protection during charging sessions, delivering secure and protected charging for all connected devices. So you can always power your devices confidently, knowing that the charger actively monitors temperature and safeguards against potential hazards.

Overall, Anker's Samsung S24 chargers allow you to experience the convenience of fast and reliable charging, combined with advanced safety features in a compact and portable design. So visit and choose your favorite charger for your Samsung devices today to enjoy improved charging performance.

FAQ about Samsung S24 Charger

What charger does the S24 use?

The Samsung S24 officially uses a USB Type-C charger. However, many chargers on the market also support fast charging for Samsung S24. For example, the Anker Prime 67W GaN Wall Charger (3 Ports) features simultaneous charging of three devices with two USB-C ports and one USB-A port, allowing you to charge your S24, tablet, and notebook all at once.

Can I charge my S24 with a 65W charger?

Yes, you can charge your Samsung S24 with a 65W charger. For example, the Anker Prime 67W GaN Wall Charger (3 Ports) supports fast charging with a maximum output of 65W, making it suitable for charging your S24 efficiently. The S24 will only draw the amount of power it requires, so using a higher-wattage charger won't harm your device.

What to look for when choosing a charger for the Samsung S24?

When choosing a charger for the Samsung S24, look for compatibility with the device's charging standards, such as USB-C Power Delivery. Ensure the charger provides sufficient wattage to support fast charging for optimal performance. Additionally, consider factors like portability, durability, and safety certifications for a reliable charging experience. Check out Anker's various chargers for Samsung S24 for the best convenience and efficiency.

How long does it take to charge the Samsung S24?

The charging time for the Samsung S24 depends on various factors, including the charger's wattage and the device's current battery level. Typically, with a fast charger like the Anker 511 Charger (Nano 3, 30W), it may take around 1 to 2 hours to fully charge the S24 from empty to 100%, providing efficient power-ups for your device.

Does the S24 support a 45W charger?

Yes, the Samsung S24 supports a 45W charger. While the device itself may not utilize the full 45W output, it will charge at the maximum rate supported by the S24. Using a higher-wattage charger can provide faster charging times and is safe for the device.

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