Anker delivers the ultimate charging solutions for any appliance in any scenario. With elegantly crafted top-tier portable solar panels and 3-Mode Angle Adjustment technology, you’ll be guarded against power shortage all the way and acquire a smoother-than-ever powering experience whatever the weather.



FAQ about Solar Panels

Are Portable Solar Panels Effective?

Yes. Portable solar charging panels are definitely effective in many aspects.

First, portable solar panels are often foldable and easier to move around to charge electronics.

Besides, portable solar panels are efficient to produce clean energy by converting sunlight into electricity. RV solar panels may be some great examples you ever see when camping. Campers usually use these 100w or 200w solar panels for outdoor backup energy.

Moreover, you can use portable solar panels for generators, the so-called solar generators, and prepare them to charge your power stations or other electronics for emergencies.

Last, many panels today are also USB solar panels equipped with USB-A and USB-C ports to allow the charging of handheld devices from phones to tablets, etc directly.

What Can I Run off a Portable Solar Panel?

This mainly depends on the wattage of the portable solar panel which may vary a lot between 20W to over 2000W.

Those personal solar panels of less than 200W are great at charging digital devices like cellphones, tablets, smartwatches, power banks, and laptops. While foldable solar panels over 500W can also power home appliances like TV or refrigerators for a few hours. For those large-capacity panels like 1000W or higher Anker solar panels are sufficient to power your boat even EV cars if you have some adapters.

Can Portable Solar Panels Be Left in the Rain?

Yes. It is entirely ok in most cases to leave the portable solar panels in the rain. High-quality solar panels are generally designed to be waterproof because they need to be durable and sturdy in order to maintain stable output. Moreover, rain can also wash off the dirt and debris accumulated on the solar charging panels over time.

Do Portable Solar Panels Work in Winter?

The short answer is yes. Portable solar panels are designed to adapt and they definitely work in winter even though they may be less efficient in winter times than in summer.

In fact, with an ingenious built-in alignment system that allows the panel to adjust the angle and receive the most sunlight, solar panels like Anker’s work just as well even on winter’s cloudiest days.  

Do Solar Panels Work With Moonlight?

Theoretically, the answer is yes. This might sound surprising to some, but in principle, the moonlight is nothing but sunlight reflected off the moon's surface. So, it is totally plausible to generate power at night from moonlight alone.

However, this is out of the question in reality. In fact, the best wattage you can hope for with solar panels under the moonlight is only 0.3% of what you would get from direct sunlight. This is not even remotely practical for daily use.  

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