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USB A to Lightning cables offer fast and reliable charging and data transfer for Apple devices, ensuring seamless connectivity and efficient power delivery. Enhance your charging experience with Anker's exceptional PowerLine+ II USB A to Lightning cables which aren't just about delivering power - they embody durability, style, and convenience.



More About USB-A to Lightning Cable

Apple-certified and designed for optimal charging speeds, these Lightning to USB A cables ensure your Lightning devices are charged swiftly and safely. With a generous 10ft length, you'll have the freedom to comfortably use your devices around your room while they're charging with a USB power strip.

Moreover, the eye-catching two-tone nylon braiding not only adds a pop of color but also promises exceptional strength, capable of withstanding an impressive 175 lbs of force. Meanwhile, these cables have been put through rigorous tests, enduring 30,000 bends, and are backed by a lifetime replacement warranty.

Overall, Anker's commitment to quality shines through, offering a cable that's not only functional but also a testament to its dedication to providing superior charging solutions. So, embrace durability and style with Anker's PowerLine+ II USB-A to Lightning cables - your lasting companion for all your charging needs.


What is a USB-A to Lightning cable used for?

A USB-A to Lightning cable is used for connecting your Apple devices with Lightning ports (such as iPhones, iPads, and iPods) to USB-A ports commonly found on computers, power cube chargers, power banks, and other devices, enabling data syncing, software updates, and charging of your Apple devices. 

Is Lightning to USB-A or USB-C faster?

Generally, a Lightning to USB-C cable offers faster data transfer and charging speeds than a Lightning to USB-A cable. USB-C technology supports higher data rates and power delivery, making it more efficient for syncing large files and charging devices quickly. However, the Lightning to USB-A cables expand compatibility with more devices using USB-A ports.

Can I use a non-certified USB-A to Lightning cable with my Apple devices?

No. Using non-certified USB-A to Lightning cables with Apple devices might be risky. Certified cables have undergone stringent testing to ensure compatibility, safety, and performance. However, non-certified cables might not provide the same level of quality, leading to issues like slower charging, data transfer problems, or even damage to your devices. 

Are USB-A to Lightning cables officially certified by Apple?

This depends. Not all USB-A to Lightning cables may have been officially certified by Apple. Check whether your cables have a "Made for iPhone/iPad" (MFi) logo on the packaging or the specifications. Cables with this logo are certified by Apple. For example, Anker 551 USB-A to Lightning Cable (1ft / 3ft / 6ft / 10ft) is an MFi-certified iPhone charger cable designed to work seamlessly with Apple devices, providing reliable charging and data transfer.

Can I use a USB-A to Lightning cable to transfer data between my iPhone and a computer?

Yes, you can use a USB-A to Lightning cable to transfer data between your iPhone and a computer. These cables support data syncing and can be used to transfer files, photos, videos, etc. between your device and a computer. Simply connect one end of the cable to your iPhone and the other end to a USB-A port on your computer. Use iTunes or Finder to manage and transfer your data.

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