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MacBook USB C Chargers offer efficient and fast charging. Designed to work seamlessly with MacBook models featuring USB-C/Thunderbolt ports, these Mac and Mac Pro USB C chargers deliver the required power to keep your MacBook powered up for work, study, or entertainment.



More About USB C Chargers for MacBook

Explore the large showcase of USB C chargers for MacBook from the mobile charging solution provider Anker, which is sure to impress. Endowed with a colossal 150W output, our MacBook USB-C chargers make charging a breeze by powering up 4 devices simultaneously at high speed, reducing the waiting time to the minimum.

Moreover, equipped with Anker’s proprietary PowerIQ 4.0 technology with dynamic power distribution, our USB-C chargers for MacBook smartly distribute power to different devices, ensuring you a balanced charging experience. But we can expect more from Anker. With ActiveShield 2.0 technology, real-time protection is enabled by monitoring the temperature 3 million times a day, efficiently eliminating the hazards related to overheating.

Furthermore, despite the huge output, our USB-C chargers are compact and way smaller than other chargers with the same wattage. In short, Anker’s Mac USB C charger is a worthwhile addition to any Mac user. Embrace the future by shopping for our latest USB C power adapters for Mac now!


Do all Macbooks use USB-C?

No, not all MacBooks use USB-C. While newer MacBook models have adopted USB-C as their primary port, older MacBook models may have different types of ports, such as USB-A, MagSafe, Thunderbolt, and HDMI. It's essential to check the specific model of your MacBook to determine the type of ports it supports.

Can a Mac use any USB-C charger?

While many USB-C chargers can be used with MacBooks, it's crucial to ensure that the charger meets Apple's power delivery and voltage specifications. Besides, using a reputable and certified MacBook Air USB C charger like the Anker 747 Charger (GaNPrime 150W) boasting up to 100W max charging is recommended to avoid potential damage to the MacBook's battery or other components.

Can I charge my Mac with a USB-C phone charger?

A typical USB-C phone charger can usually serve as a Mac charger as well as an Apple MacBook Pro USB C charger without problems, as long as your Mac is able to charge via USB-C. However, phone chargers usually come with a smaller output than dedicated Mac chargers and may thus charge at a slower speed. To efficiently charge your Mac, make sure the phone charger you use can provide sufficient and efficient power to your Mac.

Can you use non Apple USB-C chargers to charge your Mac?

Yes, you can use non-Apple USB-C chargers to charge your Mac. However, it's essential to ensure that the MacBook Pro charger USB C model is reputable, certified and meets Apple's power delivery and voltage specifications to avoid any potential damage to your Mac's battery or other components. Using official or certified third-party USB-C chargers like the Anker 747 charger equipped with fast charging and real-time temperature monitoring is recommended for optimal performance and safety.

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