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USB-C to USB Adapter

USB-C to USB adapters are used to connect USB-C devices to a wide range of USB peripherals, expanding compatibility and enhancing connectivity options. Discover the perfect solution to connect your USB-C devices with Anker's USB-C to USB adapters. With the trust of over 10 million users, these Android or Apple USB-C to USB adapters offer unmatched performance and reliability.



USB-C to USB Adapter FAQs

What is a USB-C to USB adapter?

A USB-C to USB adapter is a compact accessory that bridges the gap between USB-C devices and standard USB peripherals, enabling seamless connectivity and allowing you to use your USB-C computer or mobile phone with a wide range of USB devices. These USB-C female to USB male adapters unlock increased compatibility and convenience for data transfer and device connectivity.

Can I use a USB-C to USB adapter with a USB 2.0 port?

Yes, you can use a USB-C to USB adapter with a USB 2.0 port. Most USB-C adapters like the PowerLine USB-C to USB 3.1 adapter are backward compatible, allowing you to connect USB-C devices to USB 2.0 peripherals, though the data transfer speeds will be limited to the capabilities of the USB 2.0 standard. 

Do USB-C to USB adapters support power delivery?

The ability to support power delivery depends on the specific adapter and its design. Some USB-C to USB adapters may have additional features like power delivery pass-through, enabling them to charge the connected USB-C device while also facilitating data transfer between USB-C and USB-A devices. However, not all have this capability, so it's essential to check the specifications of the adapter to determine if it supports power delivery. 

Are USB-C to USB adapters reversible like USB-C connectors?

Yes. Different from USB-C to DisplayPort adapters or USB-C to Ethernet adapters, USB-C to USB adapters are reversible in the way that you can transfer data from USB-C devices to USB-A devices and vice versa. However, the USB-A port is not reversible, so you can't plug it in either orientation like the USB-C connector.

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