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VR Link Cable

A VR link cable seamlessly connects a VR headset to a computer, enabling the headset to access more powerful computer resources and thereby enhancing the visual quality and overall performance during VR gameplay.



More About VR Link Cable

Anker’s range of VR link cables are exceptional choice for VR gaming. Boasting a maximum data transfer speed of 480Mbps, Anker’s VR cables take your virtual reality experience to new heights by seamlessly delivering high-resolution visuals and smooth real-time interactions, ensuring that every moment in the VR world is as fluid and immersive as possible.

Speed is only one aspect in which Anker’s VR link cables excel. Being able to withstand up to 35000 bends, our VR link cables are also a testament to unmatched durability and robustness, handling the strains of daily use like none other. In short, Anker’s VR link cables make your VR adventures unforgettable.

Embrace a new dimension of immersion and enjoyment today! By the way, if you want comprehensive charging solutions, also check out our dual USB chargers and camping power banks for efficient charging!

VR Link Cable FAQs

What does the VR Link cable do?

A VR Link cable is designed to connect a virtual reality headset to a compatible computer or gaming console. It serves as a data and power conduit, enabling high-speed data transfer for an immersive VR experience while ensuring the headset remains powered during use. So this cable expands the range of VR experiences available, connecting standalone VR headsets to more robust PC-based VR content.

Why do I need a VR link cable?

A VR link cable is essential for connecting your virtual reality headset, like the Oculus Quest, to a compatible PC. First, it enables high-speed data transfer, minimizing latency and ensuring a smooth VR experience. In addition, this cable also allows access to more powerful PC-based VR games and applications, expanding your VR possibilities beyond standalone headset capabilities.

How do I connect my VR to my computer with a link cable?

To connect your VR headset to your computer using a Link cable, follow these steps:

Check Hardware and Software Requirements: Ensure your VR headset and PC meet hardware requirements. Install necessary software, such as the Oculus PC app or SteamVR.

Connect the Link Cable: Plug one end of the Link cable into your VR headset and the other end into a USB port on your PC.

Activate Link Mode: Put on your VR headset and follow the on-screen prompts. Enable Link mode if needed.

Now, your headset should recognize the connection and you can start experiencing PC-powered VR content.

How to ensure a smooth wireless VR experience with VR link cables?

The most direct way to ensure a smooth wireless VR experience is to opt for a high-quality cable with a high data transfer speed. An example is the Anker 765 USB-C to USB-C Cable (140W Nylon) that supports 480Mbps high-speed data transfer. Moreover, make sure your PC is powerful enough to handle the demands of VR tasks like gaming.

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