Thank you to everyone who participated in the Power It Up video competition. We’ve had a great time watching your videos, and we hope that you’ve had at least as much fun putting them together.

We are excited to announce our ten winners:
1. Life's Race by Collin Chan
2. In search of KANGASKHAN • Anker - Power it Up by Coopa
3. Pug Life: Power It Up by Jondon156
4. Get The Shot by Phillip Tritthart
5. Pokemon Go Mewtwo by puuki business
6. Adventures of AnkerMan!! by Justin Finocchiaro
7. Saving the day! by aj style
8. anker, Live It Up by cava3395
9. Ankerception by Stefano Sacchi
10. You Make My Face Light Up - A Romance by Oliver Lehman

Winners, please check your emails for further details about receiving your prize.
Thank you all once again for making this exciting event a reality.