Slow Chargers Explained

Why does your smartphone charge faster from some chargers and slower from others? Using Android devices with Apple chargers is guaranteed to cause a long wait for a recharge.
The issue isn't just power output, it's compatibility. Though every mobile device is unique, standard chargers come hard-wired with just one charging protocol—preventing them from charging devices at max speed.

The Solution

Anker’s patented PowerIQ™ technology intelligently detects and adapts to your device's unique protocol for the fastest possible charge. PowerIQ™ combines with Anker's premium, durable design to create the world’s most advanced rapid chargers.

Core intelligent identification chip

Less Time Charging. More Time Doing

    iPhone 7 Plus
    Save up to
    1.08 hours


    3.18 hrs

    Galaxy S5
    Save up to
    1.33 hours


    2.66 hrs

    iPad Mini 4
    Save up to
    1.5 hours

    1.43 hrs

    2.93 hrs

    Save up to
    4.5 hours

    4.5 hrs

    9 hrs

Conquering Cable Resistance

VoltageBoost™ is an Anker-exclusive technology that compensates for cable resistance by smoothing voltage output.
Other chargers have their speeds reduced by cable resistance. With the effects of cable resistance mitigated by VoltageBoost™,
your device receives its fastest possible charging speed, every single time.

VoltageBoost Engaged

Samsung Galaxy S5


iPad Air

Compatible Devices

Anker's rapid charging technology is engineered to work with almost any device on the market.

iPad mini

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