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PowerPort Atom PD 1

Small Yet Mighty! | The Smallest Power Delivery Charger Ever

PowerPort Atom at a Glance

    High-speed charging that leaves your phone’s
    stock charger in the dust. Charge to 50%
    of battery capacity in just 30 minutes.
    Gallium nitride (GaN) enables semiconductor components to be made much smaller than before, bringing you the world’s first pocket-friendly charger for MacBook.
    Optimized to deliver full-speed charging for
    the entire range of USB-C and Apple phones,
    tablets, laptops, and more.

2.5x Faster

With 27W USB-C Power Delivery output, PowerPort Atom outperforms any stock charger by charging not only phones at high speed,
but also tablets, laptops, and more.

Charge to 50% of battery capacity in just 30 minutes. Leave your freebie charger in the dust.
  • PowerPort Atom PD 1 (27W)
  • Smartphone Stock Charger

40% Smaller

PowerPort Atom PD 1 is the world’s first wall charger to be constructed with gallium nitride (GaN) semiconductors: high-efficiency components that allow us to take our world-famous technology and shrink it down smaller than ever before.
  • PowerPort Atom PD 1
  • Laptop Stock Charger

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  • C. The Entire Earth


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