What is Power Delivery?

A New Connection

This new style USB plug has already appeared in some devices, such as the Apple MacBook. It is usually called USB-C or USB Type-C.

The advantages includes faster data transfer and a more convenient plug shape. But we only care about one thing...

Enormous Charging Power!

We Have The Power

The most exciting feature of USB-C is its support for Power Delivery.

Old USB chargers were capable of providing a measly 15 watts of power. That’s enough to charge a smartphone or maybe even a tablet, but couple hours for full charge.

Power Delivery, on the other hand, is capable of delivering an enormous 100 watts of power.

Charge All The Things!

So what are we going to do with all this power?

Power up all kinds of devices, from TVs to laptops! It charges phones and tablets faster than they’ve ever been charged before.

Great! What’s The Catch?

The market has been flooded with new USB-C accessories,but…
  • Low Quality
    Companies rushed to get accessories released which meant corners were cut and quality was compromised.
  • Slow Charging
    Not all devices have a USB-C port supports Power Delivery. Ports without Power Delivery will charge slowly.
  • Poor Compatibility
    Even if a device claims to support Power Delivery, it can still be poorly optimized, only providing full power to a single type of device.

Anker Saves The Day

Fast Charging
Anker Power Delivery products are highly compatible with more Power Delivery devices, providing full-speed charging.

Full Compatibility

Anker has a complete range of Power Delivery products(including wall chargers, portable chargers and cables), all compatible with Power Delivery devices.

Product Comparison

  • Increased compatibility
  • Same speed as MacBook’s original charger
  • Safer
  • One of the first batteries to have full PD capabilities
  • Same speed as MacBook’s original charger
  • Increased compatibility and faster charging speeds