Wireless Charging Freedom
Fast. Safe. Effortless.

The Future of Convenience

With an expansive charging area and advanced device-sensing technology,
topping up your phone has never been easier. Simply place a compatible device on
PowerPort Wireless—and let the power flow.
Place phone in center for the fastest charge
Optimized for iPhone
High-efficiency chipsets and components provide optimized wireless charging.
PowerPort Wireless is proven to charge iPhone 10% faster than other 5W chargers.
Reclaim your time for the things that matter.
Data obtained from Anker laboratory testing. Measured at 25°C.
Superior Safety
Advanced temperature sensors prevent overheating.
Robust radiation shielding keeps all the power where it belongs—in your phone.
Certified by world-renowned 3rd parties for complete peace of mind.
Case Friendly
With a precision-calibrated charging signal,
PowerPort Wireless delivers charging power directly through your phone case.

At Work

Work hands-free, keeping tabs on messages or video conferencing.

At the Gym

Set up wireless charging and display anywhere.

At Night

Radiation shielding and temperature-control technology provide complete safety.

At Home

Maintain full use of your phone while charging.

Unobtrusive LED Indicator
A gentle blue glow lets you know that charging is underway.
Flawless Compatibility
Works with all Qi-compatible, wirelessly-charged devices.
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