How We Protect Our Planet

Anker is committed to protecting our oceans from the effects of climate change. Anker Solar Generator reduces carbon emissions to prevent further damage to our oceans. Join us this Earth Day and make a difference.

2,654kg CO₂

1,593kg CO₂


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664kg CO₂

Under 1kWh

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Help Save Our Oceans

Make a renewable difference now.

Join Anker in helping recharge the oceans.
For our Earth Month promotion, Anker is donating $50,000 to Oceana to support its campaigns to protect the world’s oceans.
Together, we can make waves of change.

Note: The donation amount will total up to $50,000 worldwide from the promotional period, April 18 - 30.

Let's Contribute Today

Charge for a Change

Anker's Sustainability Plan

Carbon-Neutral Products

Help protect our oceans with
sustainable charging solutions.

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