PowerWave Pad 2-Pack

Wireless Charger 2 Pack PowerWave Pad Qi-Certified Wireless Charging Pad, 7.5W for iPhone Xs Max XR XS X 8 / 8Plus, 10W Fast Charging Galaxy S10 S9 S8, Note 10 Note 9 Note 8 (No AC Adapter)
  • Charging for Home and Office: Now you can experience wireless charging day and night with one PowerWave Pad at work and another at home.
  • Wide Compatibility: Support for all Qi-enabled devices including iPhone X, XS, XR, XS Max, 8, 8 Plus as well as Samsung Galaxy S10, S9, S8, Note 10, Note 9, Note 8.
  • The Need for Speed: A high-efficiency chipset provides 10W high-speed charging for Samsung Galaxy, while iPhones get a boosted 7.5W charge. For best results, use a Quick Charge 2.0 or 3.0 adapter (9V/2A) for Samsung Galaxy and iPhone charging.
  • Case Friendly: Don't fumble with your phone case. PowerWave charges directly through protective cases. Rubber/plastic/TPU cases less than 5 mm thick only. Magnetic and metal attachments or cards will prevent charging.
  • What You Get: 2× PowerWave Pad Wireless Charger, 2× Micro USB Cable (4 ft ), welcome guide, worry-free 18-month warranty, and friendly customer service. (AC adapter not included)
    Color: Black

    Quick Charge Recommended

    To take advantage of fast charge mode, using a Quick Charge 2.0 or 3.0 wall charger is required. Standard charge mode also requires at least 5V/2A - iPhone stock chargers (only 5V/1A) can not supply enough power for PowerWave Pad.

    Note: Please use the included cable for best results.

    Align Charging Coils

    For best results, place your phone on the center of the wireless charging pad to ensure stable charging.

    Through-Case Charging

    PowerWave Pad supports charging through phones cases up to 5mm thick. Please note that cases made of metal, external attachments such as magnets, credit cards, grips, and stands will interfere with charging.

    Informative & Sleep Friendly Indicator

    • Flashing blue - Metal obstruction detected
    • Flashing green - Incompatible AC adapter or cable connected
    • Solid blue for 3 seconds, then off - Connected to power
    • Solid blue - Actively charging a device

    Model Number: A2503

    PowerWave Pad 2-Pack

    The Optimized Wireless Charging Pad

    Slim and Trim

    An aesthetically-pleasing slimline design adds an air of high-tech sophistication to your desk, while the TPU charging surface prevents your devices from easily sliding off.

    Just in Case

    Don’t worry about taking your case off whenever you have to charge. PowerWave delivers charging power directly through cases up to 5 mm thick—including Otterboxes.

    Input: 5V-2A / 9V-2A

    Output: 5W / 7.5W / 10W


    10W Fast Charge Mode: (Using Quick Charge 2.0/3.0 Adapter)


    • Samsung Galaxy S20 / S10 / S9+ / S9 / S8 / S8+ / S7 edge / S7 / S6 edge+
    • Samsung Note 10 / Note 9 / Note 8 / Note 7


    7.5W Fast Charge Mode: (Using Quick Charge 2.0/3.0 Adapter)


    • iPhone 11/ 11 Pro / 11 Pro Max / XS Max / iPhone XR / iPhone XS / iPhone X / iPhone 8 / 8 Plus


    5W Standard Charge Mode: (Using 5V/2A Adapter)


    • All Qi-enabled phones and devices
    • Pixel 3 / Pixel 3XL (The phone's screen will display the message: Charging slowly)




    • Do not use an iPhone 5V / 1A stock charger or a computer's USB port to power your PowerWave.
    • Place your phone on the center of the PowerWave Pad to ensure stable charging.
    • Cases made of metal, and attachments such as magnets, cards, and grips will interfere with charging.
    • Quick Charge 2.0/3.0 wall adapter (9V/2A) required for fast charge mode.