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Pick Your PowerHouse

  • Anker PowerHouse <b>767</b> - 2048Wh | 2300W

    Anker PowerHouse 767 - 2048Wh | 2300W

  • Anker PowerHouse <b>767</b> with Expansion Battery (4096Wh | 2300W)

    Anker PowerHouse 767 with Expansion Battery (4096Wh | 2300W)

  • Anker <b>757</b> PowerHouse  - 1229Wh | 1500W

    Anker 757 PowerHouse - 1229Wh | 1500W

  • Anker <b>555</b> PowerHouse - 1024Wh | 1000W

    Anker 555 PowerHouse - 1024Wh | 1000W

  • Anker <b>535</b> PowerHouse - 512Wh | 500W

    Anker 535 PowerHouse - 512Wh | 500W


Made to Power. Built to Last.

EV-Class LiFePO4 Batteries

Equipped with EV-grade batteries that will remain in a healthy state for 3,000 charge cycles or equivalent to 10 years of use.

Get a 6X longer device lifespan thanks to industrial-grade components, advanced circuit design, and a superior cooling system.

Impact-resistant, shock-proof, anti-UV, and flame retardant—Anker PowerHouse 767 is built to withstand even the toughest adventures.

A smart temperature control system monitors temperatures up to 100 times per second to eliminate overheating, so you can have total peace of mind when charging.

Hear It From The Best

Wild Wonderful Off Grid
1.1M subscribers

"The 767 has the same reliability in long-lasting LFP batteries as our Anker 555 and 535…"

Good Simple Living
413K subscribers

"This thing is ultra-efficient. The 2048 Watt hour capacity means you can run 99.9% of household appliances, even our outdoor heated horse trough, and it includes an RV 30 Amp plug which is perfect for travel."

“My husband and I love going camping. I was pleasantly surprised by 535 PowerHouse's durable build, portability, and solar panels for non-stop power. It's a must-have to bring on any trip.”
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