Series 5
Series 5


Pay with Ease
Trusted Delivery

Longer Battery Lifespan*

The Ultra-Durable<br class='only-in-mobile' /> Power Station

*Data compared to the industry's average.

Unibody Design

Independent Battery Compartment

Rugged, Durable,<br class='only-in-mobile' /> and Drop-Proof

USB-C Input and<br class='only-in-mobile' /> Output PortUSB-C Input and<br class='only-in-mobile' /> Output Port

Charge A Wide<br class='only-in-mobile' /> Array of Devices

Portable Power Station

USB-C Input and<br class='only-in-mobile' /> Output Port

Power Saving Mode On

Put Your Power <br class='only-in-mobile' />Station to Sleep

Power Saving Mode Off

Make the Most of Your Power Station
Built-In Warm Tone LED Lighting
Smart Display at a Glance
Powerfully Quiet
Only Works for Small-to-Medium Devices

Built-In Warm Tone LED Lighting

During your trips or emergencies, the portable power station serves as a source of light for added convenience.

Series 5 | Enjoy Higher Quality

Series 5
Enjoy Higher Quality

Tech with premium design and superior performance.

The World's No. 1 Mobile Charging Brand*

  • 200 Million+

    200 Million+ Products Sold Worldwide

  • 146 Countries

    Available in 146 Countries

  • 10 Years of Innovation

    Pioneer in Charging Technology for 10 Years

  • *In terms of retail sales value in 2020.
  • Data source: Euromonitor International (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., measured in terms of retail sales value in 2020, based on research conducted in 11-2021. Brands are defined as mobile charging brands if more than 75% of their retail sales are contributed by mobile phone charging products. Mobile phone charging products include chargers, wireless chargers, power banks, and charging cables, and these accessories can also be used for other consumer electronics devices.

"Anker Nano II can truly be one charger to rule them all."

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Axel Pironio
Awesome Powerbank for astronomy

I've replaced my old lead batteries with this one for my astronomy setup. It's several kg / pounds lighter and last longer. It's even more practical because I can easily charge it over USB-C (tested up to 60W). Great product!

Never received my order.

I never received my powerhouse. I reached out to support and they say they cant do anything because it’s a shipping problem

I was very happy to follow up with you again and am pleased that we can still do something to accommodate you.
We would be happy to assist you via email at

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