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Registration and Warranty Information
  • This project is currently in beta and only supports registration for a limited selection of products sold on Anker.com and through our official AnkerDirect store on Amazon in the US. Products purchased from third-party sellers are not eligible for registration.
    Currently supported products:
    - Wall Chargers
    - Wireless Chargers
    - Car Chargers
    - Desktop Chargers
    - 3.5 mm Male to Male Audio Cable (4 ft)
  • You can view your registered products in your account profile.
  • Registering your product is not the same as making a warranty claim. If you make a warranty claim, you will need to produce valid purchasing information. To make a warranty claim, visit https://www.anker.com/warranty.
  • The following are not eligible for warranty extension: pre-owned, free, returned, out of warranty products, or products purchased on AliExpress.
  • For additional warranty information, please visit https://www.anker.com/warranty .
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