Astro E6 20800mAh Portable Charger

3-Port 4A Compact Portable Charger ​External Battery Power Bank with PowerIQ Technology for iPhone, iPad, Samsung and More
Colore: Black


Can I use a different USB cable rather than the cable that comes with the Astro E6 20800mAh external battery?
Yes, you can use other cables. However, to ensure compatibility and best performance, we strongly recommend using your device’s original cable, a third-party certified cable (such as MFI) or the included cable.
What kind of wall charger should I use to charge the Astro E6 20800mAh external battery?
You can safely recharge your Astro in 10-12 hours using a 2 amp or higher output charger. Lower output chargers (such as phone chargers) will not charge as quickly or safely.
How long will the Astro E6 20800mAh external battery take to be fully charged?
It takes around 10-12 hours to fully charge the battery with a 2A wall charger.
What's the compatiblity of the Astro E6 20800mAh external battery?
The battery is compatible with Android, Apple or other devices by enabling charge speeds of up to 4 amps overall or 3 amps per port.

Dettagli del prodotto

  • Output: 5V / 4A (total)
  • Input: 5V / 2A
  • Weight: 450g / 15.8oz
  • Capacity: 20800mAh
  • Size: 166 × 80 × 22mm / 6.5 × 3.1 × 0.9in

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