ClearShell for iPhone 7

The Clear, Lightweight Case Tailored for iPhone 7.
Colore: Clear

Engineered for iPhone 7

ALL NEW design, and one of the very first cases to be custom built for Apple's latest flagship smartphone. High-precision lasers and only premium materials preserve everything you love about your iPhone 7.

Crystal Clear

ClearShell's transparent case showcases your iPhone 7 in its original glory, while offering additional protection. Anti-Discoloration technology ensures your clear case stays looking pristine for longer.

Slim & Light

The Anker ClearShell is razor thin (0.65mm) and ultra light (9g). Its minimalist design means you'll barely notice it's there.

Durable Design

Innovative technology ensures excellent flexibility and durability. ClearShell is also engineered to avoid condensation in wet and humid conditions.

Camera Protection

Raised rim protects your iPhone 7's camera against scratches and knocks when the phone is placed down on hard surfaces.