GlassGuard+ for iPhone 6 Plus

The Premium Tempered-Glass Screen Protector
Colore: Black

GlassGuard+ for iPhone 6s Plus

The Premium Tempered-Glass Screen Protector.

Perfect Fit

Unlike conventional screen protectors, GlassGuard+ is precisely cut to fit your iPhone's curved edges, covering the entire flat surface of its screen and preserving your phone's smooth feel.

Ultimate Scratch Protection

With an industry-high 9H hardness rating, GlassGuard+ is virtually impossible to scratch, no matter what you might strike it with.

Clarity and High-Response Touch Preserved

Paper thin, highly transparent and sporting an anti-smudge coating, GlassGuard+ preserves your iPhone's original HD Retina display and high-response touch.

Uncompromised Functionality

Keeps the earpiece speaker, camera, light sensor and home button totally unobstructed.


Dettagli del prodotto

  • Type: for iPhone 6 Plus [5.5 inch]

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