Phone Camera Lens Kit

The Ultimate, Multi Functional Phone Camera Kit
Colore: Black

Capture Better Photos
Anker Phone Camera Lens Kit enables a wider variety of images and more professional quality photos to be taken with your device. Your camera just got interesting. 

180° Fisheye
Capture fun, unique photos from a new perspective.

0.65x Wide Angle Capture stunning, panoramic views. Wide Angle broadens your view, allowing you to capture more than ever.

10x Macro Get up close and personal. Take high quality photos from close range in stunning detail. 

Super Secure Fit
Lens Clip provides a firm, safe and cushioned grip for your chosen lens and device. Double-sided cushioning ensures that the clip leaves your devices looking pristine.

Easy to Install
Compatible with most phones, tablets and laptops-the Lens Clip simply slides onto your device. Light and compact, it's effortless to use on-the-go.


How do I use the lenses?
To attach a lens, remove lens cap and screw into the lens clip. The lens clip can then be attached to your phone and aligned with your smartphone's camera. Note: Wide Angle is achieved by combining 'Wide Angle' and 'Macro' lenses. Fisheye and Macro lenses can be used individually.
What is the best way to care for my lenses?
1. Protect the lenses with provided dust caps when not in use. 2. Clean the lenses with a lens cloth to remove fingerprints and particles.
What can I do if my photos aren't clear?
1. Align the lens with your phone's lens. 2. Wipe both the lens and your phone's camera lens with a lens cloth.
Do the lenses auto-focus?

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