Portable Stereo Bluetooth Speaker

Breakthrough 24-Hour Battery, 10W Portable Wireless Speaker with Dedicated Bass Port for iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Nexus, HTC and More.
Colore: Black

Anker Portable Stereo Bluetooth Speaker (A7909)

Take your sound with you, wherever you go.

Stunning Stereo Sound

Whether lounging around at home or exploring the great outdoors, listen to your tunes in full stereo, with crystal clear highs and deep bass.

Unrivalled Battery Life

Enjoy daylong playtime never before seen in speakers of this size. A charging cable comes included for when you eventually run out of juice.

Bluetooth 4.0 Connectivity

Unlike other speakers, Anker uses the very latest Bluetooth technology to maximize device compatibility and pairing speed.

NFC Connectivity

Simply tap and start your tunes in seconds with any NFC-enabled device, a feature absent from the vast majority of portable speakers.



What should I do if the speaker can't connect to my device?
a. Enable Bluetooth. b. Make sure your device is within 3ft of the speaker. c. Un-pair the speaker on your device, then try to re-pair.
Why does no sound play when the speaker is connected to my PC via Bluetooth?
You may need to change the default audio output on your PC to "Bluetooth speaker". 1. Close all open media applications on your PC (such as Windows Media Player) 2. Open 'Control Panel' > 'Sounds and Audio Devices' > 'Audio' 3. Change the default output device to "Bluetooth speaker" in 'Sound Playback'.
Is it possible to pair the speaker with a second device?
Yes. To do so, disable the original device's Bluetooth or delete pairing record before attempting to pair with the new device.
Is it possible to pair two speakers with one device simultaneously?
No, devices are generally only able to pair with a single speaker at a time.

Dettagli del prodotto

  • Size: 162 × 65 × 65mm/ 6.4 × 2.6 × 2.6in
  • Weight: 280 ± 10 g / 9.9 ± 0.4oz
  • Bluetooth Version: 4.0
  • Playtime: 18 hours
  • Supported Bluetooth Profiles: A2DP and AVRCP

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