Selfie Stick, Extendable [Battery Free] Wired Handheld Monopod

This highly adjustable and easy-to-use selfie stick is the perfect selfie partner
Colore: Black

Selfie Stick

The Adjustable Self-Portrait Monopod

Plug and Shoot

With no Bluetooth or charging required, you'll never miss a Kodak moment again. Simply plug in the connector to your phone's headphone jack and instantly begin taking selfies.

Highly Adjustable

An extendable body and flexible phone cradle allow you to capture shots from various angles. Get the perfect close-ups and great bird's-eye-view shots.

One Size Fits All

It's compatible with virtually any smartphone, big or small, from the compact iPhone 4s to phablets like the Galaxy Note 5.

Compact and Lightweight

You can slip the selfie stick right into your pocket. Weighing only 4.8 ounces and measuring 7 inches when retracted, this monopod makes for easy carrying, wherever you go.

Enhanced Grip

A sleek silicone-rubber handle and wrist strap ensure you always have a comfortable and secure hold when taking your selfies.



1. Can the Anker selfie stick be used with regular digital cameras?
No, regluar digital cameras cannot be paired with the Anker selfie stick.
2. Is the Anker selfie stick compatible with my smartphone?
The Anker selfie stick will work with virtually any iPhone or Android smartphone with a width between 5.6 cm (2.2 in) and 8.3 cm (3.3 in).
3. Do I need to install an app before I can use the the selfie stick on my smartphone?
No app is needed to use the Anker selfie stick with iOS 5/ Android 4.2.2 and above. However, if your smartphone is Android 4.2.2 or earlier, please install the app driver from our webpage.
4. Can I use the Anker selfie stick to start recording in video camera mode?

Scarica driver o documento

  • Driver for Android (earlier than Android 4.2.2)


  • Instruction Manual