SlimShell for iPhone 7

The Slim, Lightweight Case Tailored for iPhone 7.
Colore: Black

Engineered for iPhone 7 
ALL NEW design, and one of the very first cases to be custom built for Apple's latest flagship smartphone. Premium quality materials fashioned with high-precision lasers preserve everything you love about your iPhone 7.

Sleek and Light 
True to its name, Anker SlimShell is remarkably slim, and incredibly light too. 
Removeable soft side buttons allows tactile access to volume and power buttons.

Crystal Clear
SlimShell's transparent finish showcases your iPhone 7 in its original glory. Anti-scratch polycarbonate finish keeps your case looking pristine for longer. 

Impact Protection 
Upon impact, SlimShell's durable thermoplastic polyurethane exterior provides excellent first-level protection, while anti-stretch elastomer momentarily expands to further protect your iPhone. 

Raised Rim
Front and rear rim protects your iPhone 7 and camera against scratches and knocks when it is placed down on hard surfaces.