ToughShell Air for iPhone 7 Plus

The Tough, AirShock Case Tailored for iPhone 7 Plus.
Colore: Clear

Engineered for iPhone 7 Plus

ALL NEW design, and one of the very first cases to be custom built for Apple's latest flagship smartphone. Premium quality materials fashioned with high-precision lasers preserve everything you love about your iPhone 7 Plus.

AirShock Technology

Specially developed Airbag system provides a precision buffer between case and phone. Raised corners minimize harm from impact.

Crystal Clear

ToughShell Air's transparent design showcases your iPhone 7 Plus in its original glory. Advanced anti-discoloration technology ensures your case stays looking pristine for longer.

Engineered for Endurance

Innovative technology ensures excellent flexibility and durability. ToughShell Air is also designed to combat condensation in wet and humid conditions. Soft side buttons allows tactile access to volume and power buttons.

Unobstructed Photos

Your iPhone 7 Plus'camera and flash remain completely unobstructed, ensuring you get the most out of your camera.