ToughShell for iPhone 6 & iPhone 6s

The Military-Grade Protective Case
Colore: Silver

ToughShell for iPhone 6s

A rugged protective case, specially created for the iPhone 6s.

Engineered for iPhone 6s

This isn't just an old iPhone 6 case, rebranded for the 6s. This is an ALL NEW design, and one of the very first cases to be custom built for Apple's latest flagship smartphone.

Extreme Impact Protection

The 4-Point GravityGuard reinforces the sides and ends, providing a robust first line of defense against drops or knocks.

Shock Absorption

Built into the case's corners and back panel, our unique ShockShield technology cushions your phone by absorbing and dissipating force.

Exquisitely Designed

We make our cases using only premium materials and high-precision lasers, preserving everything you love about your iPhone 6s.