Waterproof Case

The Super-Sealed Waterproof Case for Phones
Colore: Black

Certified Waterproof 100 Feet
Take your phone into the pool, onto the beach, or beneath the waves without a worry.

Filming Freedom
Free yourself to capture great photos and videos of fun in the pool or a diving adventure.

Multi-Functional and Multi-Protective
Equally suitable for holding other small gadgets and personal effects. It offers protection against rain, snow, sand, mud, and more.

Cases of some large phones may need to be removed to fit.
Wear the neck strap in insecure and uncontrolled situations, such as when out at sea, to avoid loss.


Can the Waterproof Case be used while diving?
The Waterproof Case has an IPX8 waterproof rating. Sealed inside the case, your phone (or other small gadgets) can be used up to 100 feet underwater.
Are phone ports accessible inside the Waterproof Case?
Due to the waterproof design, it is not possible to access ports. Remove if you need to access your phone's audio / charging ports.
Are phone buttons accessible inside the Waterproof Case?
Buttons can be accessed through the case, providing there is space to do so.
Can I take pictures while my phone is inside the Waterproof Case?

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