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Helping the environment together with Anker. Recycle old Anker devices to reduce electronic waste.

RECharge the Future

The responsibility to recharge our planet lies with us. We need to return to the basics that make our world great.
Let's rejuvenate our earth and give it the power to last longer.
We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our products, thus recharging the future.
We consistently innovate to enhance the efficiency of our products, packaging, and battery consumption.

  • Here's Why Recycling is Important

    Electronic waste is one of the fastest-growing waste streams on Earth, representing an increasingly severe global issue.

    Less than 20% of global e-waste undergoes proper recycling, and improper disposal contaminates land, water, and air. Recycling end-of-life devices contributes to resource and energy conservation, stimulates local and global economies, creates employment opportunities, and fosters harmonious communities.

  • We're Just Getting Started

    Help us minimize our footprint on the planet our user and employees call home. We provide all legal documentation and certificates associated with proper data destruction and environmental processing.


  • Products without external packaging or accessories such as cables

  • Products that have exceeded the warranty period

  • Products that are damaged or broken

  • Products purchased from unauthorized sellers

Please note that we cannot accept items that are outside the target range or items that are not Anker products. If a customer mistakenly returns a non-Anker product, Anker cannot guarantee that it will be returned to the customer. If the local government can handle it, please have them handle it.

We provide recycling services in the US/DE/UK.
If you are in the aforementioned areas and need to recycle your product, click here to Apply.

Availability of Replacement Parts

In the US, replacement of parts or product service will be made available for a minimum of three years after end of production for all charging accessories released after September, 2023, through Anker.

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