Anker SOLIX PS400 Portable Solar Panel
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Anker SOLIX PS400 Portable Solar Panel
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Anker SOLIX PS400 Portable Solar Panel

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  • 400W of Solar Power: Watch solar power performance in action with SOLIX PS400—even quickly charging Anker portable power stations.
  • Up to 23% Conversion Efficiency: You'll notice 1.5X faster charging times thanks to monocrystalline solar cells and a powerful sunlight-trapping surface.
  • 4 Set Angles for Max Sunlight Absorption: No matter where you are, the season, or time of day, you can maximize sunlight absorption. Easily switch between 30°, 40°, 50°, or 80° angles
  • IP67 Waterproof Protection: With an IP67 waterproof design, you can camp without fear and enjoy the adventure with SOLIX PS400 Solar Panel.
  • What's In The Box: Anker SOLIX PS400 Solar Panel, 2x 9.8ft(3m) MC4 solar
     charging cable, 1.6 ft (0.5 m) MC4 to XT-60 solar charging cable and safety manual.


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Rated Power


Open Circuit Voltage


Operating Voltage


Operating Current


Dimensions (Folded)

35.9 × 25.9 × 1.9 in / 913 × 659 × 47 mm

Dimensions (Unfolded)

102 × 35.9 × 1.2 in / 2,591 × 913 × 30 mm

Net Weight

35.1 lb / 15.9 kg


Q1: Why can't the solar panel reach its rated 400W power?

The output power of the solar charger is not only related to the weather, but also the area of direct sunlight. For maximum sunlight and larger output power, adjust the position and angle of the solar charger.

Q2: Which Anker portable power station is this solar charger compatible with?

Anker SOLIX PS400 Solar Panel can charge portable power stations with a maximum voltage of up to 60V and has an MC4 input port. We recommend pairing the solar panels with SOLIX F2000 Portable Power Station

Q3: Is the solar panel waterproof?

PS400 Solar Panel has an IP67 certification. It is waterproof and can be used in wet weather. However, the MC4 ports must be covered with the rubber plug before being exposed to rain or water.

Q4: Which port does the solar panel have?

The solar panel has an MC4 output port.

Q5: What's the optimum operating voltage (Vmp) and optimum operating current (Imp) for this solar panel?

The optimum operating voltage is 48V, and the optimum operating current is 8.33A.

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