Anker KARAPAX Silicone Case for iPhone X

iPhone X Silicone Case, KARAPAX Silicone Gel Rubber Shockproof Case Cover with Soft Microfiber Cloth Cushion [Support Wireless Charging] [Slim Fit] for iPhone X
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  • Anker KARAPAX Silicone Case for iPhone X

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KARAPAX Silicon Case for iPhone X
The Colorful Silicon Case for iPhone X

Improved Comfort 
Since our phones are in our hands from morning to night, Silicon has been ergonomically designed to provide exceptional in-hand comfort with superior grip. You'll never want to put your phone down again.

All-Round Defense 
Carefully engineered with scratch-resistant materials and an easy to wipe clean surface for added convenience. Silicon's interior is covered in soft microfiber lining to protect the back of your phone from cosmetic damage.

Wireless Charging
Slim design allows you to continue using your iPhone X's wireless charging function without removing your phone case.

Seamless Design
Silicon body with an internal polycarbonate frame adds just 2.3mm to the thickness of your iPhone X—ensuring your phone remains protected, without compromising on style.

Perfect Fit 
Carefully engineered to be fully compatible with the latest iPhone X, while preserving the integrity of your iPhone's design.