Anker Ultra Compact Profile Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard
for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac with Rechargeable Battery and Aluminum-Effect Finish
Anker Ultra Compact Profile Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard
for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac with Rechargeable Battery and Aluminum-Effect Finish
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Anker Bluetooth Keyboard
The Ultra-Compact Bluetooth Keyboard for Mac iOS, Windows, and Android

Universal Compatibility
Can be used with virtually all iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows devices which support Bluetooth, including iPad Pro, 1, 2, Air, Air 2, iPad mini 3, 2, 1, iPad Retina, iPhone, iMac, MacBook, Mac mini, Mac Pro, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Google Nexus, Windows, and more. 

Ergonomic Design
Low profile, standard-size keys ensure typing is both smooth and quiet, while the sleek aluminum-effect finish complements your existing devices. 

Space-Saving and Lightweight
Measuring just 11 × 5.3 × 0.5 inches, Anker Bluetooth Keyboard is one third smaller than traditional keyboards and weighs just 0.7 lb—making it perfect for smaller desks or working while traveling. 

Intuitive Connection
For ease of use, the keyboard automatically reconnects to the last connected device. 

Extended Battery-Life
Use for up to one month without having to recharge (based on 2 hours of non-stop use per day), or keep on standby for up to 2 months.

Documents & Drivers
How should I pair the keyboard with my device?
1. Turn the power switch on the back of the keyboard to the ON position to turn on the keyboard.
2. Press FN+Z to enter pairing mode. The indicator will turn on for 2 seconds and start to flash.
3. Activate your device's Bluetooth function and search for the keyboard. On your device, click the keyboard name "Anker A7752" to connect. Follow the on-screen instructions.
4. Once they are successfully paired, the Bluetooth indicator will turn off.
What should I do if my keyboard lags?
Reset the keyboard by turning it off then turning it back on.
How do I use the function keys?
All function actions are printed in blue. Press Fn + the desired key to use their function.
How do I know that it is time to be charged?
When the battery power is low, the indicator light will flash green, indicating it is time to charge the keyboard.
How do I charge my keyboard and how can I tell when charging is complete?
To charge the keyboard, connect it to a computer or USB adapter using the Micro USB charging cable. The Low Battery / Charging indicator will show a solid light while the keyboard is charging. Once fully charged, the power indicator will turn green.
How long will it take (idle time) for my keyboard to enter sleep mode and how long should it take to wake?
After being idle for 30 minutes, the keyboard will enter sleep mode. To wake it, press any key for 2 seconds.
What should I do if a key does not work?
There may be an issue with cross pairing or dust accumulation on the keyboard. Please follow the steps below:
Fully charge the keyboard, ensuring that the full 3 hours have been provided. Then, cancel all pairing records on your device and reconnect again.
Turn the keyboard upside down and move the device side to side. This should remove any dust or debris that may have accumulated within the inner circuit.
If the issue persists, please contact us at and we will be happy to help.
Why does the ‘Caps Lock’ key initiate language change?
This is a common occurrence when pairing with Apple devices. Please turn off ‘Caps Lock Language Switch’ on the iPhone or iPad by going to Settings > General > Keyboards.
Is there a shortcut to switch between different operating systems?
Yes. Press the ‘Fn’ key along with any of the shortcuts below to toggle between operating systems.
‘A’ key for iOS (iPhone or iPad)
‘S’ key for Android
‘D’ key for Windows
How can I enable the soft keyboard on my iPhone screen when it is connected to the Anker keyboard?
Press the ‘Fn’ and ‘A’ keys to enable the iOS system. Then, press the ‘F5’ key to activate soft keyboard.
Did not find the answer to your question in the FAQ above?
Please contact us at and we will be happy to help.