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Party-Proof Speaker with Body Shaking Bass, 24-Hour Playtime, and PowerIQ
  • Colossal Sound: Press play to unleash an enormous 105 dB of sound into your party. Feel the bass surge through your body as it 's intensified in real-time by our exclusive BassUp technology.
  • Dazzling Light Show: Rave demands your attention—a flashing strobe light and custom LEDs that pulse and flow in time to the beat instantly heighten the atmosphere both indoors or out.
  • 24-Hour Playtime: Soundtrack multiple parties, tailgates, and other events—all from a single charge.
  • Charge While You Rave: Power up multiple devices via the dual USB ports. Rave features one standard USB port and one with Anker's proprietary PowerIQ technology to intelligently identify your device and deliver the fastest charging speeds.
  • Soundcore App: Up the stakes with electrifying party games, customize the lights, or switch between sound modes.
Color: Black
  • 24-HOUR

    The sun’s rising and you’re all partied out, but not Rave. Its monster battery keeps the music blasting and the lights blazing for up to 24 continuous hours. And to give your phone an instant boost, plug it into the built-in USB port with Anker’s proprietary PowerIQ fast-charging technology.


    You may not be able to guarantee the weather, but Rave’s water resistant casing ensures that rain and spilled drinks won’t stop the party prematurely.



Why won't Rave connect to my device?

1. In AUX mode press the "D" button for 10 seconds to reset the speaker.
2. Turn off the speaker and turn your Bluetooth device's Bluetooth off and then on again.
3. Clear all the pairing records on your Bluetooth device.
4. Restart your speaker and reconnect it with your Bluetooth device.

Make sure you have selected "Soundcore Rave" from the list of available devices.
If you still can't locate the correct "Soundcore Rave" try the following steps:
- Try upgrading the Bluetooth driver of your Bluetooth device.
- Try updating the Soundcore Rave firmware via this link: https://www.soundcore.com/update-firmware
- Try pairing your speaker with a different Bluetooth device to see if it works properly.
Why won't Rave pair with a second Rave speaker?
1. Turn on both Soundcore Rave speakers and make sure they aren't paired with other devices.
2. Press the Bluetooth button on both the speakers for three seconds simultaneously.
3. The Bluetooth indicator light will rapidly flash blue, indicating the two speakers are in pairing mode.
4. You will hear a tone when the two speakers successfully pair together. One speaker will display a solid blue light and the other will display a flashing blue light.

Avoid placing any electronic devices between the two speakers. Make sure the distance between the two speakers is not more than 5 meters.
Why won't Rave power on?
1. Try charging the speaker. Four white LEDs around power button show  the charging state.
2. Try holding the power button for at least 8 seconds to turn the speaker on.
Can you turn the lights off?
1. Long-press the light button to turn the lights on or off.
2. Use the Soundcore app to turn on/off the lights.


Product Information
  • Product Dimensions: 552 × 322 × 310 mm
  • Weight: 21.61 lb
  • Driver: 2 × 5.25” Woofer, 2 × 2” Tweeters, 1 × Bass Port
  • Audio Output: 160W
  • Bluetooth Version: V5.0
  • Supported Bluetooth Profiles: A2DP1.2, AVRCP1.5, HFP1.7
  • Operational Range (Bluetooth): 20 m / 66 ft
  • Speaker Input Power: Input: 100V-240V AC, 50~60Hz (Power Cable)
  • Speaker Output Power: 2 × 5V/2.4A (Max) Charge Out USB Type-A Port
  • Speaker Output Power: USB Port supports MP3, WAM Playback
  • Charge Time: 4 Hours
  • Battery Capacity: 20,000 mAh
Water Resistance
  • IPX4
Microphone Input
  • Support
Wired Party Mode
  • Yes

Documents & Drivers

  • A3391_Manual


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