Zolo Liberty [Upgraded] True-Wireless Headphones
8-Hour Playtime (100 Hours with Charging Case), Bluetooth 5 Bluetooth Earbuds with Graphene Driver Technology, IPX5 Sweatproof, Handsfree Stereo Calls
Zolo Liberty [Upgraded] True-Wireless Headphones
8-Hour Playtime (100 Hours with Charging Case), Bluetooth 5 Bluetooth Earbuds with Graphene Driver Technology, IPX5 Sweatproof, Handsfree Stereo Calls
  • Graphene-Enhanced Sound: Pioneering audio technology delivers superior clarity and treble. A sound-tight seal ensures deep bass and exceptional isolation.
  • 100 Hours of Power: Get 8 hours of playtime from a single charge, boosted to 100 with the included charging case.
  • GripFit™ Technology: Liberty's earbuds are tailored to fit comfortably and securely in your ears.
  • Bluetooth 5: The latest Bluetooth technology delivers a rock-solid connection for skip-free music.
  • Simplified Setup: PUSH AND GO™ ensures ultra-fast, one-step pairing, while a single button-press activates Smart AI.
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Immersive Sound

Liberty's revolutionary graphene-coated drivers are rigid, yet light. They produce precision oscillation for superior sound across the entire frequency range. Crystal clarity and a delicately tuned sound signature deliver immersive sound that puts the listener center stage.

Long-Lasting Battery

8 hours of playtime is boosted by the powerful charging case for an incredible 100 hours of play time. Power your commute for a week without needing to bring a charging cable with you.

Superior Calls

Liberty's upgraded design lets you hear phone calls in stereo for crystal-clear conversations.

Find Your Perfect Fit

GripFit technology ensures Liberty fits comfortably, yet securely in your ear. Simply slide in and turn to lock. Personalize your Liberty with the addition of silky smooth liquid silicon EarTips and GripJackets in multiple sizes.

Instant Connection

PUSH AND GO makes connecting your devices effortless—take Liberty out of the charging case and connect via your phone's Bluetooth menu. After the initial setup, Liberty automatically connects when removed from the case and disconnects when returned.

Smart Assistant Access

A single button-press activates your favorite AI Assistant. Liberty's microphones are optimized for voice recognition, so you'll get the answers you need, fast.

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Documents & Drivers
How long does it take to fully charge the earbuds and charging case?
Fully charge earbuds: About 1.5h
Fully charge charging case: About 2.5h
What should I do if the earbuds don't take a charge from the charging case or turn on when I take them out of the charging case?
Confirm the charging case has power (at least one LED is lit up).
Ensure all charging contact pins on the earbuds and charging case are clean and clear of foreign material.
How do I clean my earbuds?
Clean the contact pins with a toothpick wrapped in a clean cloth with a bit of alcohol.
Clean the metal filter with a dry cotton swab. Remove any debris from the metal filter with a clean, dry, soft-bristled brush.
Don't use sharp objects or abrasive materials to clean your earbuds.
Don't let water get into earbuds.
Both earbuds are turned on but only one earbud plays sound. How do I fix this?
Place both earbuds back in the charging case and close it, then take them both out and try again.

If this doesn't fix the problem, try resetting the headphones (see "How do I reset my ZOLO Liberty?").
How do I reset my ZOLO Liberty?
1. Open your phone's Bluetooth menu and delete "ZOLO Liberty" from the list of devices.
2. Remove the earbuds from the charging case and press the button on both earbuds for 5 seconds. The LED light will turn red and then turn off.
3. Press the buttons on both earbuds for 8 seconds. The LED light will turn bright pink, then turn off, at which point you can release the button.
4. Ensure the charging case has power and place the earbuds back inside to reset. You will see steady white lights on both earbuds. Take both earbuds out of the charging case. The left earbud will automatically connect to the right earbud. The left earbud's LED will flash slowly, while the right earbud's LED will flash quickly. This indicates the reset has been successful. If unsuccessful repeat this step again.
5. Open your phone's bluetooth menu, search for "ZOLO Liberty" and connect.
How do I get the best possible Bluetooth connection?
The right earbud is the master (main) earbud on the ZOLO Liberty. The right earbud connects to your audio device and to the left earbud.
If you experience audio dropouts, try the following:
Reduce the distance between your right earbud and your audio device. For example, try to have your audio device in your right pocket or on your right arm if running with an arm band.

While the range of most Bluetooth devices is 33 feet (10 meters), the optimal range for any Bluetooth audio device is about 2 feet (60 centimeters) from the audio source.
Some environments (cell phone towers, dense wifi networks, other transmitting devices, etc.) can interfere with your Bluetooth connection. If possible, try to keep away from these kinds of areas or devices.
Reset your Bluetooth connection by turning off your device's Bluetooth for at least 10 seconds and then turn it back on. Please note, turning Bluetooth off and back on quickly will not reset the connection.
Reset your earbuds. (see “How do I reset my ZOLO Liberty”).
What should I do if I get no sound when using a program like Skype on my computer?
- Check the audio device setting in the program.
- Try and update your computer's Bluetooth hardware drivers.
- Use a Bluetooth adapter compatible with your computer system.
Can I use the left earbud separately?
No, you can only use the right earbud(the master) independently.
Will the earbuds shut off automatically?
The earbuds will remain on as long as they are connected to a device. If no audio is in use, they will enter power-saving mode and wake up once audio is played. If the earbuds are not connected with any devices, they will automatically shut off in 2 minutes.
Is ZOLO Liberty waterproof?
The earpieces themselves are IPX5 waterproof; the charging case is not waterproof.