Lumi Plug-In Night Light
The Compact and Automatic Night Light
Lumi Plug-In Night Light
The Compact and Automatic Night Light
  • Ideal Lighting
  • Automatic Illumination
  • Energy Efficient
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Lumi Plug-In Night Light

The Compact And Automatic Night Light

Ideal Low-Light Lighting

Lumi emits just the right amount of illumination to guide without dazzling. Nighttime navigation to the bathroom or kitchen has never been easier.

Eye-Protection Technology

Enjoy even, non-flickering light for stress-free work and relaxation. Lumos is built with a light diffuser and guiding plate that prevent light flicker and harsh glare, protecting you against eye fatigue, strain and irritation.

Inconspicuous Design

Ivory color blends into outlets while the compact size keeps the second outlet free. The curved backplate adds to the svelte design while producing an even light.


Based on 12 hours of usage per day and 0.11¢/kWh.

  • null:36g / 1.3 oz
  • null:60 x 60 x 44 mm / 2.4 x 2.4 x 1.7 in
  • null:0.4 W
  • null:120 V - 60Hz
  • null:50 mA max
Manuals & Drivers
What should I do if Lumi light does not work?
1. Lumi is installed in an area with too much light. Move Lumi to an area with less light exposure.
2. Make sure Lumi is securely plugged into a power outlet.
3. Make sure the power outlet has power.
Why it shows a dim light when it is in a place that this not too bright or dark?
Please place your Lumi to somewhere totally dark to see if it turns brighter, if so, then this is normal. If not, please contact
Where can the night light be installed?
Places where dim light is needed, such as corridor, kitchen, bedroom, closet, etc.
Is this night light very bright or not? Can it be used as the main light?
It is not very bright and cannot be used as the main light.
Does Lumi come with the infrared sensor?
No, it does not come with the infrared sensor.
Is there any button that can be used to turn on or off the night light?
No. The light sensor and motion sensor are used to control the brightness.
How does this night light work?
Lumi will be off automatically in bright environment. In dark areas, Lumi automatically turns on if motion is detected within its effective range. The light automatilly turns off if motion is not detected for 15 seconds.
Is the voltage universal?
No. The rated voltage is 120V~60Hz.
Is this night light waterproof? Can it be used in a bathroom?
No. But it can be used at dry spots in the bathroom.