PowerDrive 2 Elite
The Optimized Dual-Device Car Charger
PowerDrive 2 Elite
The Optimized Dual-Device Car Charger
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PowerDrive 2 Elite with Lightning Connector

The Optimized Dual-Device Car Charger


Charge Faster

Anker’s patented PowerIQ detects optimum charging protocols while exclusive VoltageBoost overcomes cable resistance to deliver high-speed charging to any device. (Qualcomm Quick Charge not supported.)


Simultaneous Charging

Integrated cable with Lightning connector and USB port deliver a combined 24W of power to charge both driver and passenger at the same time.


Sleek and Convenient

Anti-slip carbon-fiber mesh grip provides seamless plugging and unplugging. Non-disruptive LED on the USB port ensures nighttime charging is effortless.


Advanced Safety

Our exclusive MultiProtect safety system provides surge protection, temperature control, short-circuit prevention and other advanced features to ensure total protection for you and your devices.

Easy-to-Reach Support

At Anker, we believe in our products. That's why we back them all with friendly, easy-to-reach support.


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What if PowerDrive 2 Elite isn't charging when a device is plugged in?
1. Try using a different cable. We recommend using the cable that came with your device. 2. Try charging a different device. 3. Try using PowerDrive 2 Elite in another vehicle. If the problem persists, please reach out to us at support@anker.com.
Which cable should I use with PowerDrive 2 Elite?
For optimal results, we strongly recommend using your device's original cable or a certified third-party cable.
What should I do if PowerDrive 2 Elite is not charging my devices quickly?
1. PowerDrive 2 Elite does not support Qualcomm Quick Charge. Quick Charge-enabled devices will be charged at normal speed. 2. Try using a different device or cable to see if the issue persists. If you continue experiencing slow charging speeds, please reach out to us with your device and car information at support@anker.com
What should I do if PowerDrive 2 Elite does not fit in my car's cigarette lighter?
PowerDrive 2 Elite is designed to fit any car’s cigarette lighter. Try testing the charger in a different car first. If there still appears to be a problem with fit, please reach out to us at support@anker.com.
How do I check my device’s input current and voltage?
Please refer to your device’s user manual and/or original OEM charging adapter. For further assistance, contact your device’s manufacturer.
What is the ideal operating temperature for PowerDrive 2 Elite?
PowerDrive 2 Elite can operate at temperatures ranging from 0°C TO 40°C and can be stored in temperatures ranging from -20°C TO +70°C.
Does PowerDrive 2 Elite draw power when plugged in while the car is off?
PowerDrive 2 Elite will not consume power or charge devices when the car is turned off. The standby power consumption is rated at less than 0.2W.
What should I do if some of the ports stop working?
If a certain port is not working properly, this may mean that PowerDrive 2 Elite internal safety switch has been triggered. To reset the switch: 1. Unplug PowerDrive 2 Elite from the power outlet and remove any attached USB cables. 2. Wait 5 minutes, then plug back in. You may also try using a different USB cable.
What's the difference between PowerDrive 2 and PowerDrive 2 Elite?
PowerDrive 2 Elite is the upgraded version of PowerDrive 2. The output of both chargers is the same. However, PowerDrive 2 Elite is designed to be compatible with more cars, and is slightly heavier than PowerDrive 2.