Capsule Projector
The Soda Can-Sized Pocket Projector
Capsule Projector
The Soda Can-Sized Pocket Projector
  • Pocket-Sized Design
  • Stunning Picture
  • Immersive 360° Audio
  • 4-Hour Video Playtime
  • Dedicated App
  • Android 7.1

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  • null:H.264 BP/MP/HP – up to 1080p MPEG-4 SP/ASP – up to 1080p DivX 4x/5x/6x –up to 1080p H.263 P0 – WVGA VP8 – 1080p (HEVC) H.265 MP 8-bit – up to 1080p
  • null:2.5 Hours with Quick Charge 2.0 9V2A
  • null:30 Hours in Bluetooth Speaker Mode
  • null:4 Hours in Battery Mode
  • null:Supported
  • null:Supported
  • null:Projector Mode, Bluetooth Speaker Mode
  • null:Android 7.1
  • null:< 30dB
  • null:4.0 Dual Mode / A2DP
  • null:802.11a/b/g/n Dual Frequency (2.4GHz / 5GHz)
  • null:5W
  • null:5200 mAh / 3.85V
  • null:8GB eMMC
  • null:1GB DDR3
  • null:Adreno 304
  • null:Quad Core A7 Smartphone Chipset
  • null:Android & iOS
  • null:D-pad Mode / Mouse Mode
  • null:Power / Volume / Mode Switch
  • null:Charging & Data Storage / Connection via USB OTG
  • null:HDMI 1.4 up to 1080p Input
  • null:Auto (vertical ±40°)
  • null:Front Projection / Rear Projection / Front Inverted Projection / Rear Inverted Projection
  • null:Manual
  • null:100%
  • null:0.58 m–3.08 m
  • null:20”–100”
  • null:1.3:1
  • null:16:9
  • null:30,000 Hours
  • null:100 ANSI lumens
  • null:854x480
  • null:0.2" FWVGA DLP
  • null:14.8 oz
  • null:2.67 inch
  • null:4.72 inch
  • null:848061056983
Documents & Drivers
Does Capsule work with plex?
Yes, Capsule works with Plex. You can download Plex from the built-in Aptoide TV App Store.
Can Capsule read the contents from WD hard disk?
Capsule can read USB devices with the format of FAT32.
Does Capsule work with iPhones?
Yes, Capsule works with iPhones. If you want to play content from iOS devices, you can screen mirror via Airplay or use a Lightning to HDMI adapter.
Can you use Capsule while it's charging?
Yes, you can use Capsule while it's charging.
Are wireless speakers compatible with Capsule?
Yes, wireless speakers can be used with Capsule. You can connect them to Capsule via Bluetooth.
Is Capsule capable of projecting a viewble image in a bright outdoor environment?
We recommend you use Capsule in low-light enviroments.
How long does Capsule's battery last? Does it require to be plugged in the entire time?
Capsule's battery will last 4 hours when playing non-stop video content at 50% volume.
Can you adjust the projection size?
To adjust Capsule's projection size, you must physically move the unit backwards or forwards.
Can you connect a cable box to Capsule?
Yes, via the single HDMI port.
How long will it take to charge fully? Will the light be green when it charge fully?
Capsule will charge from empty to full in around 2.5 hours. The light will turn green once the device is fully charged.
Does Capsule fit on a standard camera tripod?
Capsule is compatible with a 1/4 inch mounting screw.
Can you get the Amazon Prime Video app on it?
Yes, you can download and use the Amazon Prime Video app with Capsule.
Can I use this without a projector screen on regular white dry wall?
Yes, you can.
Will Capsule work using a laptop?
You can connect a compatible laptop to Capsule via the HDMI port.
Can I use my Roku3 with Capsule?
Yes, Roku 3 can be connected to Capsule via the HDMI port.
Does it have a zoom feature?
Capsule doesn't have a zoom feature.
Does Capsule work with Apple TV?
Yes, it does.
Can I use an Amazon Fire TV Stick with Capsule?
Yes, you can.
What is the lifespan of Capsule's LED lamp?
Capsule's LED lamp has a lifespan of 30,000 hours.
How do I replace the LED lamp is it fails?
If your LED lamp needs replacing, please contant the Nebula customer service team for a replacement Capsule.