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Charge Whenever, Wherever

Backpacking Adventure

Elevate your adventure with Anker's backpacking portable chargers. Stay connected and powered up in remote destinations, making your journey even more memorable.
Why Choose Anker for Travel Accessories?
Universal Compatibility
Compatible with 1,000+ Devices
USB Power Delivery 3.1 Technology
Faster Data Transfers, Higher Power Supply
Innovative GaN Application / ActiveShield™️ 2.0 / Compact Architecture Design / PowerIQ™ 4.0
Compact and Space-Saving
Built to Last

Things to Pack in Your Travel Backpack

Power Bank for On-the-Go Adventures

A reliable power bank is your trusty companion on your travels. It ensures that your mobile phones, tablets, and other devices remain charged, allowing you to capture every memorable moment.
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Multi-Port Charger for Globetrotters

A multi-port charger is essential for those constantly on the move. It allows simultaneous charging of devices like mobile phones, tablets, and cameras, so you never miss a beat during your adventures.
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Wireless Charger for Unplugged Explorations

As many modern gadgets now support wireless charging, a wireless charger lets you say goodbye to tangled cables, charging your devices effortlessly for a hassle-free travel experience.
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Car Charger for Road Trippers

When hitting the road for your travel escapades, a car charger is indispensable. It ensures your devices remain charged as you explore new horizons, keeping you connected and ready for every adventure.
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Q1: Do I need a power bank for travel?
A power bank is often invaluable during travel to keep you devices charged and functional across different scenarios:
1. Business Traveling: Business travelers, who rely heavily on smartphones, laptops, and tablets, can benefit from having a power bank to keep their devices charged during meetings or transit.
2. Backpacking: Backpackers: Backpackers, venturing days or even weeks away from regular power sources, need a lightweight power bank to maintain the functionality of navigation, communication, and entertainment devices.
3. Road Trips: When embarking on road trips with long driving hours, a power bank becomes essential to ensure smartphones and GPS devices stay charged.

Q2: How do I choose a portable charger for backpacking?
Several factors to consider when selecting a backpacking portable charger include:
1. Capacity: Determine your power needs based on the devices you'll be charging (smartphone, camera, GPS, etc.). A higher capacity power bank provides more charges but is also heavier.
2. Weight and Size: Lightweight and compact power banks are ideal for backpacking, as they won't add much weight to your pack. Look for models that balance capacity with portability.
3. Ports:Consider the number and types of output ports. Multiple ports allow you to charge multiple devices simultaneously.
4 Durability: Backpacking can expose your gear to rough conditions. Opt for models with rugged, waterproof, or dustproof features.

Q3: What are the must-have charging gadgets for a business trip?
Here are some essential charging travel gadgets to ensure a successful business trip:
1. Laptop Chargers: Your laptop is often your primary work device. Ensure you have its charger to keep it powered throughout the trip.
2. Phone Chargers: Your smartphone is likely your primary communication and productivity tool, so its charger is indispensable.
3. Portable Battery Packs: Carry a portable power bank suited to your needs. It can provide backup power when you're on the move or in places with limited outlets.
4. Extension Cables or Power Strips:
Depending on your accommodation and destination, these can be handy to ensure you have access to multiple outlets.
5. Multi-Port USB Hubs or Adapters: These allow you to charge multiple devices at once from a single outlet and are especially useful when outlet access is limited.

Q4: How can I charge my phone on a road trip?
Ensuring your phone remains charged during a road trip is essential for staying connected, navigation, and safety. Here are some charging solutions to consider:
1. Car Chargers (Wired and Wireless)
2. Adapters and Wall Chargers
3. Power Banks
4. Multi-Port Chargers
By having the right charging gadgets on hand, you can keep your phone charged and stay connected throughout your road journey.

Q5: What is the best way to charge multiple devices when traveling?
Charging multiple devices when traveling can be a challenge, but with the right approach and gadgets, you can efficiently power up all your devices:
1. Multi-Port USB Charger: Invest in a multi-port USB charger with at least four or more USB ports. These chargers allow you to charge multiple devices simultaneously from a single power outlet.
2. Multi-Port Power Bank: A portable power bank with a high capacity can provide on-the-go charging for your devices. Choose one with multiple USB ports to charge several devices at once.
3. Power Strip or Extension Cord: If you anticipate a shortage of power outlets in your accommodation, bring a compact power strip or extension cord. This allows you to turn one outlet into multiple charging points.

Q6: What kind of power banks are allowed on flights?
Power banks with a capacity of up to 100Wh are generally allowed on flights. However, for power banks with capacities between 100Wh and 160Wh, airline approval might be required. It's important to carry power banks in your carry-on luggage and not in checked baggage. Additionally, ensure they are clearly labeled with their capacity and are compliant with safety standards.

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