Power Up Summer with Exciting Gifts
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Power Up Summer with Exciting Gifts
And Save Up to £500
Anker 757 PowerHouse | 400£ OFF
Anker 757 PowerHouse | 400£ OFF
1229Wh | 1500W
Long-lasting portable power for Home and Outdoors

Explore the Anker Power Solutions

  • Solar Generators

    Cleaner. Quieter. Greener.

Home Backup Power

Durable. Reliable. Ready for Anything.

Power for the Outdoors

Powerful. Easy to Use. Ready to Go.

Power Ready for Anything

Pick Our Best-Selling Portable Power Solutions

  • Anker 757 PowerHouse

    1299Wh | 1500W

    Long-lasting portable power for home and outdoors.
  • Anker 767 Solar Generator

    Power anything and recharge wherever with clean, sustainable energy.
  • Anker 555 PowerHouse

    1024Wh | 1000W

    Plenty of power to charge your essential devices when you're outdoors.
  • Anker 535 Solar Generator

    Keep personal devices and outdoor essentials powered on your travels.

" If there's a power station that's going to set the standard for the industry, this is it. "

Power For All

Unleash the Power for Everyday Adventures

  • With Anker PowerHouse, pioneers are always motivated to perform their best and stay powered—whenever, wherever.

Choose Your Best PowerHouse

  • Choose the Power Solution That's Right for You

    Take a 4-Question Quiz to Find Out!

Knowledge is Power

  • How to Stay Resilient During a Blackout with Portable Power

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  • LiFePO4 Batteries: The Benefits You Need to Know

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  • Anker PowerHouse 767 Overview: This is Power Ready for Anything

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