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Anker's lineup of USB-A and USB-C to Lightning cables redefine your charging experience with their slim yet durable design, various lengths, and exceptional charging and data transfer speeds. These MFi-certified cables ensure optimal compatibility and safe charging for your Apple products.   Whether you need a short cable for on-the-go convenience or a longer one for flexibility, Anker has the perfect Lightning cable to meet your needs. Upgrade to Anker and revolutionize your charging experience.

FAQ About Lightning Cables

What Are the Different Types of Lightning Cables?

There are several types of Lightning cables available to cater to different needs. Some common types include:


  1. Lightning to USB-A Cable: This type features a Lightning connector on one end and a USB-A connector on the other. It is compatible with Apple devices and offers high-speed charging and data transfer. Anker 551USB-A to Lightning Cable (1 ft / 3 ft / 6 ft / 10 ft) is a great example, providing exceptional durability and extended cable length options.


  1. Lightning Cable to USB-C: These cables have a Lightning connector on one end and a USB-C connector on the other. They are designed for fast charging and data transfer between Lightning devices and devices with USB-C ports. Anker 762USB-C to Lightning Cable (3 ft / 6 ft Nylon) is a reliable option, supporting Power Delivery technology for even faster charging.


  1. Lightning to 3.5mm Audio Cable: This cable allows you to connect Lightning-equipped devices to audio devices with a 3.5mm audio jack, such as headphones, speakers, or car audio systems.


  1. Lightning to HDMI Cable:This cable enables you to connect your iPhone or iPad to an HDMI-equipped display, allowing for screen mirroring or content playback on a larger screen.

What Are the Differences Between a Lightning Cable and a Regular Cable?

The main difference between a Lightning cable and a regular cable lies in their connectors and compatibility:


  1. Connectors: Lightning cables feature Apple's proprietary smaller and more compact Lightning connector, specifically designed for Apple devices. Regular cables, on the other hand, use USB connectors like USB-A, USB-B, or USB-C, which are more commonly used across various devices and brands.
  2. Compatibility: Lightning cables are compatible with Apple devices, while regular cables with USB connectors have broader compatibility with a wide range of devices.

What is a Lightning to USB-C Cord Used for?

A Lightning to USB-C cord is used to connect Apple devices with Lightning ports to devices or accessories with USB-C ports. For example, Anker 641 USB-C to Lightning Cable (Flow, Silicone) enables fast charging, high-speed data transfer, and seamless connectivity between iPhones, iPads, or iPods and USB-C power adapters, laptops, or other USB-C-enabled devices.


This type of cable is particularly useful for newer Apple devices that support fast charging and for connecting to USB-C-equipped computers or peripherals for data synchronization and transfer.

Is It Okay to Use a Non-Apple Cable for an iPhone?

Yes, it is generally okay to use non-Apple cables for an iPhone as long as they are high-quality and MFi certified. MFi-certified Lightning cables from reputable brands like Anker undergo rigorous testing to meet Apple's standards, ensuring compatibility, reliability, and safety. Using a non-Apple MFi-certified cable with matching connectors will provide a reliable connection without potential risks to your iPhone's battery or performance.

Do All Lightning Cables Support Fast Charging?

No, not all Lightning cables support fast charging. Fast charging requires both the cable and the power adapter to be compatible with fast charging protocols. To ensure fast charging capability, it is recommended to use an MFi-certified fast charging Lightning cable from a reputable brand, along with a compatible fast charging power adapter that supports the required charging protocols. This combination will allow you to take full advantage of fast charging capabilities on supported Apple devices.

Explore Anker's Lightning Cables

Anker's Lightning cables offer fast and reliable charging solutions for your Apple devices. With their sleek design, various lengths, and MFi certification, these cables provide optimal compatibility and safe charging. Upgrade to Anker's Lightning cables and enjoy a seamless charging experience for your Apple products.