Charge Your iPhone 3X Faster

Supports maximum power for all iPhones.

70% Smaller

The Perfect Partner for Nano 3

Anker Bio-Based Cable

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Pioneering the Use of
Bio-Based Materials

Anker is pioneering the use of renewable materials such as
sugar cane and corn to construct the exterior of charging cables.

A Proprietary Mixture of
Plant-Based Materials
*Only the exterior of the cable body is made from bio-based materials. Does not apply to the connector or connector casing.

Bio-Based and Durable

Bend Lifespan

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for Your iPhone

For On-the-Go

Anker 535 Power Bank
(PowerCore 20K)

Charge and
Recharge Faster

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Reducing Plastic for a
Greener Future

Built with
Bio-Based Materials

The exterior of our bio-based cables is
around 40% composed of a proprietary
mixture of plant-based materials. Using plant
matter in our cables allows us to cut down on
petroleum-based plastic such as TPE.

*Data based on Jun. 2022 BETA laboratory testing.


We've reduced the amount of plastic used in
packaging for the entire lineup by an average of
90%*. The inner material of the packaging has
been changed from plastic to pulp, the packaging
paper is FSC-certified 100% recyclable, and
printing is done with natural soy ink.

*Calculated based on Aug. 2022 internal testing to measure the weight
of plastic reduced in the packaging.

Compact Design
to Reduce Plastic

The devices in this lineup feature a compact
design that's up to 70% smaller than other
brands and uses up to 30.9 g less plastic during

*Data based on Aug. 2022 internal testing comparing Anker Nano 3 to an
original 30W charger.

Explore the Full Lineup

Anker 511 Charger (Nano 3, 30W)

Aurora White
Lilac Purple
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Anker 541 USB-C to Lightning Cable (Bio-Based)

Phantom Black
Aurora White
Natural Green
Misty Blue
Lilac Purple
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Anker 535 Power Bank (PowerCore 20K)

Phantom Black
Natural Green
Lilac Purple
Aurora White
Misty Blue
Coming Soon
Coming Soon

Anker 543 USB-C to USB-C Cable (Bio-Based)

Phantom Black
Aurora White
Natural Green
Misty Blue
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