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What is PowerIQ 3.0?

Introducing the latest version of Anker’s world-famous charging technology.

Featuring compatibility with Qualcomm Quick Charge, Power Delivery, Apple Fast Charging, Samsung Fast Charging, and more. Charge phones, tablets, laptops, and other devices from a single USB-C port—at their fastest possible speed.

PowerIQ 3.0 at a Glance



Charge iPhone and Samsung from 0% to 50% in just 30 minutes.



Provides a maximum output of 100W—20× more power than a standard wall charger.



Works with nearly all smartphones, tablets, and laptops with USB-C or Lightning ports.

PowerIQ: Then and Now

PowerIQ 3.0


PowerIQ 2.0




High-Speed Charging Compatible Devices


Max Output


Max Output


Max Output



USB-C to C

USB-C to Lightning

USB-A to Micro USB

USB-A to Lightning

USB-A to C

USB-A to Micro USB

USB-A to Lightning

Click here to learn more about PowerIQ 3.0's compatibility.

PowerIQ 3.0 Charging Times

iPhone XS Max
iPad Pro 11'' 2018
Samsung S10
Pixel 3XL
MacBook Pro 13’’
MacBook Air 2018

Data based on internal lab testing. Results may vary under different conditions.

Click here to see specific charging data for each technology.

Universal Compatibility: 100W

PowerIQ 3.0 provides up to 100W of charging power for superior compatibility with a vast range of devices.

How Much Power Do You Need?





Wireless Headphones

30 - 100 W
30 - 45 W
18 - 30 W
10 - 24 W
5 W

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