Anker MagGo- Doubly Fast in a Snap

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Superior Quality That's
Built To Last


Bend Lifespan


Laboratory Tests


Factory Acceptance Tests

*Data based on internal lab testing.

A Comprehensive Safety System for Peace of Mind


Anker's exclusive technology intelligently monitors temperature and manages power to safeguard your devices.

Built with
Bio-Based Materials

The exterior of our bio-based cables is
around 40% composed of a proprietary
mixture of plant-based materials. Using plant
matter in our cables allows us to cut down on
petroleum-based plastic such as TPE.

*Data based on Jun. 2022 BETA laboratory testing.


We've reduced the amount of plastic used in
packaging for the entire lineup by an average of
90%*. The inner material of the packaging has
been changed from plastic to pulp, the packaging
paper is FSC-certified 100% recyclable, and
printing is done with natural soy ink.

*Calculated based on Aug. 2022 internal testing to measure the weight
of plastic reduced in the packaging.

Compact Design
to Reduce Plastic

The devices in this lineup feature a compact
design that's up to 70% smaller than other
brands and uses up to 30.9 g less plastic during

*Data based on Aug. 2022 internal testing comparing Anker Nano 3 to an
original 30W charger.

Award-Winning Designs


Authorized Partners

22 Awards and Accolades

  • Red Dot Design Award

    International Seal for Excellence in Design Innovation

  • iF Design Award

    International Label for Outstanding Design

  • Good Design Award

    Highest Standard for International Design Excellence

Hear It From The Best

  • Jonathan Morrison

    "This packs a tremendous amount of power in a super compact package."

  • Unbox Therapy

    "Anker Nano II can truly be one charger to rule them all."

  • JerryRigEverything

    "There's no reason not to upgrade to the faster charging Anker Nano which costs less while still charging 3x faster."

  • ZolloTech

    "Anker Nano Pro will work flawlessly with your iPhone or other devices."

Hear It From The Best

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