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Unlock Freedom with Unmatched Speed
USB-C, enabled by Power Delivery, powers your new iPhone 3X faster than traditional USB-A to Lightning charging, meaning no more waiting around.
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Charge Freely with One Unified Charger
Say hello to truly universal charging. Thanks to the Anker Nano lineup, your electronic devices can now seamlessly and freely share the same USB-C charger and power bank, all backed by Anker's ActiveShield™ safety system with temperature control.
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Live Freely with
Future-Proof Power
Embrace the future of USB-C charging. With an impressive maximum power of 240W, USB-C is free to power phones and more demanding devices like gaming laptops. Over the next 3 to 5 years, USB-C will also power more upcoming gear.
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Anker Nano Lineup
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The Fastest Charge for
Your USB-C iPhone
The Anker Nano lineup is tailor-made for the new iPhone,
leveraging Anker's long-standing expertise in USB-C fast charging.
3X Faster
USB-C Charging
Any Style,
Any Color
Sleek and Compact
Exemplary Quality
USB-IF Compliant Reliable Charging
Embrace Sustainability
Eco-Friendly Recycled Materials
Embracing iPhone's Huge
Leap in Data Transfer
20X Faster with Direct Display
Explore the New iPhone's
Ultra-compact power bank for the
latest iPhone with a foldable built-in
USB-C connector.
High-speed 30W charging and recharging
via the built-in ultra-durable USB-C cable.
Anker's legendary all-time
best-selling Nano, now in fresh
colors for your new iPhone.
A unified charging station incorporating
USB-C, USB-A, and AC power, ideal for
travel and desktop use.
USB-IF certified for high-speed
iPhone charging, all wrapped in a
sustainable, bio-braided design.
Ultra-compact power bank for the
latest iPhone with a foldable built-in
USB-C connector.
Everyday Power Freedom
Charge Anywhere, Anytime, In Any Style

On The Go


Living Room

Home Office

Go Green

with Anker Nano

The Nano lineup uses environmentally friendly materials and
innovative methods to minimize our carbon footprint and ecological impact.

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