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Charging Dock for iPhone

A charging dock for iPhone offers convenience by providing a dedicated, upright platform to charge your device. It eliminates clutter, saves space, and keeps your iPhone accessible while charging, making it a functional and versatile accessory for your iPhone.

More About iPhone Charging Dock

Elevate your charging game now with Anker’s stellar range of dock chargers for iPhones that are meant to impress any iPhone user. With a high wireless output of up to 15W, our iPhone charger docks accomplish the feat of charging the iPhone 12/13/14/15 series in a snap, replenishing your devices before you even notice it.

Moreover, our charging docks hold the iPhone at an adjustable angle, allowing you the freedom to browse content comfortably all while delivering steady power. These are just a fraction of our charging docks’ excellence. Endowed with a 3-in-1 design, they can charge not only your iPhones but also Apple Watches and AirPods. In other words, they are all-in-one Apple charging solutions.

Furthermore, just look at how compact and petit these charging docks are. With a size that easily fits into your palm, these powerful charging gadgets are barely noticeable when carried around, making them the go-to choices for frequent travelers who may happen to need a power boost anywhere.

In short, Anker’s iPhone charging docks take the art of charging to new heights. Come browse Anker’s collection of iPhone wireless charging docks and never worry about your iPhone running out of power again! In addition, if you use a MacBook, check out our MacBook Pro docking stations as well as MacBook Pro chargers too!

Charging Dock for iPhone FAQs

What is an iPhone charging dock?

An iPhone charging dock is a stand or platform designed to hold and charge your iPhone. It typically includes a connector that fits into your iPhone's charging port and connects to a power source, or a wireless stand for magnetic wireless charging, allowing you to charge your device conveniently while keeping it upright for easy viewing or use during charging.

How does an iPhone charging dock work?

An iPhone charging dock works by connecting to a power source, typically through a USB cable or wall adapter. When you place your iPhone onto the dock, it establishes a connection through the charging port or MagSafe magnetic induction, allowing electrical current to flow from the power source to your device's battery, thus charging it.

Can I charge other devices on an iPhone charging dock?

This depends on the specific iPhone charging dock. Some docks are exclusively designed for charging iPhones and cannot be used to charge other devices. However, some models like the Anker 3-in-1 Cube with MagSafe are a versatile charging platform featuring wider compatibility to charge other devices, like Apple Watch and AirPods.

Can I charge my iPhone through a charging dock with a case on it?

This depends on your charging dock as well as how thick the case is. Most wireless charging docks like our Anker 3-in-1 Cube with MagSafe are designed to work with cases that are not too thick, preferably below 5mm. Moreover, note that the case of your iPhone should not have any metal components, as metal can interfere with wireless charging.

Which iPhones can use a charging dock?

If your charging dock supports Qi or MagSafe wireless charging technology, the majority of iPhone 8 and newer models can generally be charged wirelessly using your dock. On the other hand, if it is a wired charging dock, you can theoretically charge any iPhone with it provided you have the necessary cables.

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